Sexothérapie et coach en ligne. La meilleure thérapie psychosexuelle près de chez moi

Maud Geesen
By Maud Geesen
Online sex therapy & coach. The best psychosexual therapy near me

Sexual dysfunctions were believed to only be related to the sexual organs, but now, the medical community knows that sexual dysfunctions occur because of psychosocial issues that women experience.

These psychosocial issues include anxieties that women have when it comes to sex and the lack of sexual knowledge. Treatment for these issues can now be addressed with psychosexual therapy in a one-on-one setting. This type of therapy is also amenable to being conducted online with the platforms that BetterHelp and provide. Both platforms offer you the ability to choose a female therapist so that you can feel as comfortable in a therapeutic setting as you possibly can.

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So, What Is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is a type of psychotherapy that seeks to change dysfunctional attitudes and beliefs. Therapists help their clients examine conflicts related to sexual encounters that occurred during childhood. The client’s current relationship is also a major topic of discussion during therapy sessions.

A sex therapist may decide to use different techniques on different clients, but every technique is meant to accomplish the following:

  • Eliminate performance anxiety
  • Improve the communication between you and your partner
  • Increase your knowledge of sexual matters
  • Increase your sexual skills
  • Change dysfunctional beliefs and behaviors

During sex therapy sessions, your therapist gives you “permission” to express the negative beliefs and attitudes that you have about sex. This is all that is required for a lot of women to overcome the barriers that are blocking them from enjoying a full sex life with their partners.

What Is not Involved in Psychosexual Therapy?

Some people believe that psychosexual therapy involves two people learning how to have more engaging sex lives by taking part in sexual activity during the therapy session. This is not necessarily the case. Although a couple can attend psychosexual therapy sessions together, you may also take part in individual sex therapy without your partner.

How Does Online Sex Therapy with a Sex Coach Differ from Face-to-Face Therapy?

The main difference between online psychosexual therapy and face-to-face therapy is the fact that you will attend your therapy sessions wherever you are most comfortable. Traditional therapy requires that you make an appointment and meet your therapist at her office at the appointed time.

Another difference is how you pay for your online therapy sessions and face-to-face sessions. With traditional therapy, your therapist will be able to bill your insurance company for payment. In contrast, online therapists will not bill an insurance company for psychosexual therapy. Although your insurance plan may pay for the services of a sex therapist, it may be financially advantageous to you to obtain therapy with BetterHelp or

Your health insurance plan will not necessarily cover the majority of your treatment, so you may be required to make a large payment for your sessions. If this is the case, psychosexual therapy with BetterHelp or would be a very affordable alternative for you.

You will be able to purchase a subscription to BetterHelp or The subscription entitles you to take part in psychosexual therapy sessions every month. The system will charge your account between $60 and $90 every week and bill your PayPal account or credit card every month. If you want to cancel your subscription, you are free to do so at any time. The amount you would be charged for therapy sessions with BetterHelp or could possibly be much lower than the amount that a traditional therapist would charge you.

How Do I Know if I Need a Sex Therapist or a Sex Coach?

A sex coach can address the issues you are having with communication or low libido, but a sex coach is also the person you need for the purpose of learning how to have great sex. The fact is that many men and women do not receive instruction on the various sexual techniques, so they often do not know what to do during their sexual encounters. Sex coaching is the remedy for this problem.

You will need a sex therapist if you need help getting past your dysfunctional beliefs and inability to fully enjoy sex. For example, if you have never had an orgasm before, visiting a sex therapist would be an excellent plan. Many more women have been unable to experience an orgasm than men, and research has found that the reason is often because these women are entertaining negative thoughts about sex. These negative thoughts cause these women to feel anxious when they are having sex with their partners, and the anxiety prevents them from reaching an orgasm.

Sex therapy is the remedy for the scenario described above because sex therapy first addresses a woman’s dysfunctional beliefs and thoughts. Then, she can learn what makes her body feel good by exploring it and even masturbating. In this case, the female must overcome her aversion to masturbation so that she can feel free to finally reach the orgasm she is coveting. After women get together with their partners again, many find that they are able to reach orgasm.

Will an Online Sex Coach Work for Me?

To learn how to have a fulfilling sex life, a coach needs to give immediate feedback during a sexual act. This is something that can occur with an online sex coach. You have the option of meeting with your sex coach in a live session. You and your coach will be able to see each other and interact with each other on the screen. In this manner, you will receive real-time coaching from a trained professional.

Conclusion: Finding the Best Psychosexual Therapy Near Me.

The internet is the place to find the best psychosexual therapy near you. The online platforms allow you to search for your female therapist, but they give you the means to obtain your therapy online as well. Once you find your therapist, you don’t have to concern yourself with the price because online therapy is very affordable, and you will be able to pay for it very easily online. Online psychosexual therapy isn’t traditional therapy, but it can help you just as much as traditional therapy can.

Meta Description: Learn everything you want to know about what psychosexual therapy is and how you can find a female sex therapist or sex coach online.

Difficulties with experiencing an orgasm or the lack of a sex drive can be very difficult for a woman to discuss with a man. It requires delving into your most intimate thoughts and feelings, and these aren’t usually topics that you choose to discuss with your significant other or your male relatives. Fortunately, you have BetterHelp and These two online counseling portals offer you the option of choosing a female sex therapist.

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The Best Option for Psychosexual Therapy with a Female Therapist.

BetterHelp is an online platform with several female therapists ready to help with the problems you are having in the bedroom. This type of therapy is accessible and convenient, and it is also extremely affordable. All of the therapists have earned a master’s degree or their doctorates, but they are also licensed in their states. They needed to pass a rigorous test to be hired by BetterHelp, so they are highly educated, trained and experienced.

The website couldn’t be easier to use. You are welcome to choose to chat with your counselor with text messages. You can also opt for more direct communication by telephone or via video. With these options, you can have real-time conversations whenever you like. You only need to set an appointment, and your therapist will meet you in the therapy room. The fact that you can choose a female therapist ensures that your counselor has the intimate knowledge of feminine issues that you are seeking.

How Does Psychosexual Therapy Work?

First, you must sign up to the platform. That allows you to take the questionnaire that tells the system all about your background. To make sure that the system has enough information, it will ask you about the current state of your physical and mental health. The system’s algorithm uses this information to match you with a counselor. It doesn’t always make the best choices, so you will be able to ask for another therapist if you don’t believe that the therapist the system chooses for you is the right one.

Your sex therapist will be able to address the difficulties that you are having in your sexual relationship. For example, you may have a very low sex drive, or you may not have ever been able to reach orgasm. These are issues that your therapist can definitely help you work out. If you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship, your therapist can help both you and your partner. Sex therapy also includes education, so you can expect to learn what you need to know to have a sex life that you and your partner will treasure.

What Is the Best Platform for Psychosexual Therapy for Women?

BetterHelp is the best platform for psychosexual therapy for women. The social workers, psychologists, and marriage and family therapists are all licensed as was mentioned above. BetterHelp has such a large number of counselors, psychologists and therapists that you can switch therapists as many times as is needed to find the perfect therapist for you. You will be able to attend your session anytime and anywhere that you desire on your laptop, cell phone or tablet.

Using the BetterHelp platform gives you the opportunity to attend a face-to-face session with a trained and experienced therapist that doesn’t cost you as much as traditional therapy. This platform even makes it possible for you to attend your sessions anonymously.

What Is the Cost of Psychosexual Therapy with BetterHelp?

Signing up to the subscription plan gives you the option of attending psychosexual therapy sessions for an entire month. Each session will be between $40 and $70, and the system will bill your PayPal account or your credit card every month. For this price, you can request meetings with your counselor as many times as you like during that time. You can also use the platform as many times as you like. If you are dissatisfied for any reason and would like to quit, you are free to do so at any time.

Conclusion: I Found Psychosexual Therapy with BetterHelp.

You are experiencing difficulties with your sexual functioning, and this is something that you cannot imagine yourself discussing with a man. By doing an internet search, you can find a female psychosexual therapist to help you with your issues online. This type of therapy is even less expensive than traditional therapy, so there isn’t anything to keep you from trying it. Psychosexual therapy is right at your fingertips when you search online.

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