Online EMDR Therapist: Best Certified EMDR Counseling Near Me. Virtual

Maud Geesen
By Maud Geesen
Online EMDR Therapist: Best Certified EMDR Counseling Near Me. Virtual

EMDR therapy has been around since 1989, but people hadn’t really heard about it until Prince Harry revealed the fact that he practices this particular therapy. He uses it to help him cope with traumatic experiences in his past, such as the death of his mother in 1997. Several research studies demonstrate that EMDR offers results that more traditional therapies require years to provide for people. The general belief was that it takes a long time for people to heal from traumatic experiences, but EMDR shows that a person can heal from emotional traumas in the same time frame that the body heals from physical trauma. Psychological healing can be disrupted, and when this occurs, it takes longer for the patient to heal from a traumatic event. EMDR therapy removes the disruption so that the patient can continue to experience healing.

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Best online service for virtual EMDR therapy - BetterHelp

The following are three online examples of certified EMDR therapists from BetterHelp:

Alex Boianghu

Alex Boianghu has been practicing psychotherapy for more than 25 years, so he has a ton of experience to share with his clients. He offers holistic services to individuals, families and couples. His main objective is to help you get past the issues that keep you in “survival mode” so that you can enjoy your life to the fullest. He focuses on the treatment of your body, mind and soul. Specifically, Alex uses EMDR to help you overcome your addictions and trauma. He works with couples in every stage of their relationships and guides them toward healing themselves and their relationship issues. He completes his holistic approach with yoga and meditation.

The problems that Alex can help address include depression, issues related to intimacy or your relationship, addictions, and stress and anxiety. He can help patients when they are experiencing bipolar disorder, trauma and abuse, and difficulties with self esteem and anger. If you are having trouble in your career or as a parent, Alex can help you address these issues as well.

Alex has more than 28 years of experience as a therapist.

Maranda Conner

Maranda Conner is a licensed professional counselor with eight years of experience counseling individuals. Her experience ranges from outpatient treatment to crisis counseling. She worked in a residential facility for teens and a juvenile detention center, so she spent a large part of her career helping children, teenagers and adults in difficult circumstances. She also has experience helping young people addicted to substances as the site director for an IOP program for adolescents.

Maranda is certified in EMDR therapy, and she specializes in the mood disorders and helping people overcome their impulsivity. She is also a certified sex offender treatment provider.

Along with EMDR therapy, Maranda practices several other types of therapy, including trauma-focused therapy, solution-focused therapy, motivational interviewing, emotionally focused therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, attachment-based therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy.

Catherine Gallagher

Catherine graduated with her master’s degree in 2014, and in 2019, she became a licensed EMDR therapist. She has experience working in a long-term, residential facility for pregnant women and mothers. She has experience helping people overcome their addictions.

Catherine makes sure to address all of her clients’ needs, including their physical, spiritual, social and emotional needs. She specializes in helping people with their issues with self esteem, family conflicts, addictions, and stress and anxiety. She uses several clinical approaches along with EMDR therapy, and these include trauma-focused therapy, solution-focused therapy, motivational interviewing, mindfulness therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and attachment-based therapy.

Catherine has seven years of experience practicing her profession.

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What is BetterHelp, and how does it work

What is BetterHelp, and how does it work?

BetterHelp is an online platform that offers you the ability to obtain mental health counseling online. The system is very simple. When you sign up for the platform, the first thing that you will be prompted to do is take a questionnaire. You will tell the system about your physical health, your mental health, your experience with mental health therapy and your relationship status.

The system has an algorithm that will take your answers and pair you up with the appropriate therapist. It will contact your therapist, then your therapist will send a message to you. At this point, you will be able to contact your therapist for the first time. If you don’t feel as if you and your therapist have the right fit, you may ask the system to recommend another counselor.

The counselors listed above are available to administer EMDR therapy to you. You may engage in therapy by yourself, with your partner or in a family setting.

What makes EMDR counseling near me stand out?

EMDR counseling stands out because it is a relatively new type of therapy that was invented in 1989. It doesn’t belong to the traditional therapy genre, but it gained popularity as a treatment for PTSD. This therapy doesn’t include “talk therapy” like other forms, and it does not provide medication for patients. Instead, it treats patients by using their own eye movements. When people perform these rapid eye movements, past traumatic memories that cause them great emotional distress begin to dissipate. Although its popularity has been growing, it is a holistic therapy that isn’t practiced by every psychologist or therapist.

How much does EMDR therapy cost?

With BetterHelp, you will pay for your counseling sessions with a subscription plan. Every week, the system bills your account between $60 and $90. After four weeks have passed, the system will bill your credit card or PayPal account for the month. If you try it and decide that it is not for you, you can cancel your subscription. The amount charged entitles you to request a therapy session as many times during the month that you need to do so.

What is EMDR, and how can it help

What is EMDR, and how can it help?

EMDR is an acronym for “Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing.” During an EMDR session, the therapist sits in front of you and holds his or her fingers in front of your face. As he or she moves his or her fingers from side to side, you will be instructed to follow these movements with only your eyes. At the same time, the therapist prompts you to recall a traumatic event so that you experience the emotions and the sensations of your body as if you were reliving the event. The next step is for your therapist to guide your mind to more pleasant thoughts. Some practitioners of this therapy state that it weakens the effect that negative emotions have on you. It has been used to treat anxiety, addictions, eating disorders and panic attacks.

Conclusion: How to find an EMDR therapist near me.

EMDR therapy is relatively new, so it isn’t surprising that it may be difficult to find an EMDR therapist. With an online search, you can find an EMDR therapist in a short period of time by searching the BetterHelp database. The bonus is that it is an affordable alternative to traditional therapy.

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