Gay Couples Counseling & Therapy. Best Options: Same Sex Relationship

Maud Geesen
By Maud Geesen
Gay Couples Counseling & Therapy

Maintaining a strong relationship is never as easy as it seems like it should be. You and your partner might be crazy in love with each other, but the stressors of daily life, the incongruities in disparate personalities, and the vicissitudes of fate will still make it hard to keep things running smoothly. Relationships are built on countless tiny points of consensus, and you can only reach these necessary agreements if you know how to communicate. Keeping the lines of communication open is never simple, but it becomes a lot easier when you seek outside help from a professional.

Not only is couples therapy a great way to create a more vibrant, honest, and enjoyable relationship, but it’s also more accessible than ever thanks to the modern technology of the internet era. Countless online services provide top-notch counseling with a remote format, and many of them cater specifically to the LGBT community. Pride Counseling, an online platform with a deservedly stellar reputation, is the best option for gay couples in search of therapy. ReGain, meanwhile, offers a generic alternative. After a few weeks of counseling with an accredited therapist, you and your partner will have the tools you need to solidify and strengthen your relationship.

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The best online gay couples therapy

Pride Counseling is unquestionably the best online service for gay couples therapy. The platform’s LGBT-friendly counselors, highly workable platform, and affordable pricing make it the obvious choice for gay couples wishing to give their relationship a meaningful boost. Whether you’re hoping for months of therapy or just a few quick sessions, Pride Counseling’s flexible subscription model makes it the right service for you. To get started and work toward a closer connection with your partner, sign up for the platform today.

What makes Pride counseling the best?

Pride Counseling edges out the competition by offering clients a wide variety of helpful features. With experienced counselors, remarkable levels of accessibility, and reasonable prices, the platform makes itself the clear winner among online counseling services for gay couples. When you sign up for Pride Counseling, you know you’re in for a transformative experience. Every aspect of the platform is designed to ensure you and your partner get the most out of the couples counseling process.

Top-of-the-line counselors

When you sign up for a remote counseling service, your first concern should be the quality of the therapists. Pride Counseling only allows the very best counselors to operate on the site. All the platform’s individual contractors have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they meet the provider’s high standards. This means they’ve all received advanced degrees and hold official therapist licenses in their respective states.

Pride Counseling will use the specific circumstances of your case to match you with a counselor who meets your needs. You’ll communicate directly with this counselor as long as you’re using the platform. If you’re specifically seeking gay couples counseling, you can count on receiving a therapist who concentrates on LGBT relationships. A certain level of expertise is necessary to ensure the service proves as effective as possible.

An easy-to-use platform

While in-person counseling often becomes a hassle by forcing you to cram therapy sessions into an already-packed schedule, remote therapy from Pride Counseling is convenient and easy to use. You’ll have all your counseling resources available to you right on your personal device, so talking to a counselor will never again require a commute.

The best thing about an online counseling platform is that it’s always available. No matter where you go or what you’re doing, you’ll be able to log onto Pride Counseling to read old conversations or send new messages to your therapist. This constant accessibility makes it much easier to weave couples therapy around your existing schedule.

Four Distinct Modes of Communication

Four distinct modes of communication

Communication is at the heart of the couples therapy process. For therapy to prove effective, you need to develop a meaningful dialogue with the counselor. You might think remote services would fail to deliver the same level of intimate communication as in-person therapy, but Pride Counseling’s model ensures that you don’t sacrifice the quality of the dialogue for the sake of convenience. In fact, several aspects of the remote model can actually make therapy more productive.

Pride Counseling’s system provides clients with four separate methods for communicating with therapists:

  • Instant Messages
  • Live Chats
  • Phone Calls
  • Video Conferences

Once your subscription begins, you’ll be able to use each of these modes of communication as you see fit.

The simplest method is the use of instant messages. This is the best way to alert your therapist immediately when something consequential has happened. It’s also great for maintaining a sporadic back-and-forth over the course of the week. If you prefer occasional messages to lengthy conversations, this is probably the best method for you.

For longer conversations that still revolve around written text, you can use the platform’s live chat feature. This method allows you, your partner, and your therapist to exchange rapid-fire messages about what’s going on in your relationship. These quick messages allow you to recreate the dynamics of a real conversation without having to actually speak, making them ideal for communicating while waiting for a doctor’s appointment or riding on the subway.

Pride Counseling’s phone call option is perfect for longer, more intricate conversations. To really hash out complicated circumstances, it’s often best to actually hear each other’s voices. You must schedule these phone calls ahead of time to ensure your therapist is available, and all calls run through the platform to guarantee your personal privacy.

The best way to truly imitate the feel of an in-person therapy session is by using the platform’s video conferencing feature. This method allows you and your partner to see your counselor and really feel the energy they transmit. For some users, subtle forms of communication like facial expressions and hand gestures can make the conversation more powerful. As with phone calls, you’ll have to set up video conferences with your therapist in advance.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine how you’ll use these forms of communication to your advantage. Everybody has their own preferences when it comes to remote interactions. The beauty of Pride Counseling’s model is that it doesn’t force you to adopt habits you’re not comfortable with. However you choose to mix and match instant messages, live chats, phone calls, and video conferences, you’ll enjoy the benefits of regular contact with an accredited counselor.

A Special Focus on the LGBT Community

A special focus on the LGBT community

While the internet is chock-full of online couples counseling providers, it often behooves gay couples to choose a service like Pride Counseling that specifically serves the LGBT community. For one thing, this special focus ensures that the counselors on the platform understand the unique pressures and stress points of being in a same-sex relationship. From overt discrimination to awkward encounters with friends and relatives, gay couples confront all sorts of challenges that heterosexual couples simply don’t have to face. The therapists from Pride Counseling will have the experience and training necessary to help you navigate these difficult issues.

Given the importance of communication to the therapy process, it’s also vital that you and your counselor share a basic vocabulary. LGBT-focused therapists like those on Pride Counseling are adept at discussing the complicated issues surrounding the gay community. This shared vocabulary will make it easier to reach a set of shared understandings.

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Is Pride counseling affordable?

Pride Counseling’s affordability is another factor that sets it apart from other counseling options. A subscription to the service will only cost you $60-$90 per week. You can use a credit card or Paypal, and the automatic payment mechanism takes all the stress out of the process.

What’s the best alternative to Pride counseling?

While Pride Counseling is the best option for LGBT-specific therapy, some gay couples prefer a generic counseling service. For online therapy with a similar format to Pride Counseling’s without the LGBT focus, consider signing up for ReGain. Like Pride Counseling, this service uses a subscription model and matches you with an accredited therapist.

On ReGain, you and your partner will use a private chat room to share your experiences and communicate with your counselor. The service’s therapists might not be specialists in LGBT affairs, but they still have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you strengthen your relationship. If you think ReGain’s general counseling is the best fit for your circumstances, sign up for the platform today.

Conclusion: Try pride counseling for gay couples therapy

Relationships are like houses that you can never stop building. No matter how long you and your partner have been working on your relationship, you can be sure there’s still more of an effort to be made. When you’re struggling to complete all this work on your own, the best course of action is to get a professional involved. The counselors on Pride Counseling have the experience and know-how to provide excellent gay couples therapy, while the platform’s format makes it perfect for modern users. ReGain, meanwhile, offers a similar service without the LGBT focus. If you’re ready to save your struggling relationship or make your decent partnership even stronger, give these remarkable platforms a try.

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