Online post divorce counseling. The best counseling therapy after divorce

Maud Geesen
By Maud Geesen
Online post divorce counseling. The best counseling therapy after divorce

Separation and divorce can leave you lonely, confused and searching for answers. A post-divorce therapist can help you chart your path to a better future. Even if you were the one who asked for a divorce, the process can be emotionally devastating. As you work to build a life of your own, it's helpful to talk to a trusted counselor. If you are looking for online counselors, we recommend ReGain and BetterHelp. If you prefer counselors who share your Christian beliefs, we recommend Faithful Counseling.

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How Can Online Post-Divorce Counseling Help You?

Many people feel unsettled and overwhelmed after a divorce. Working with an online counselor can help you:

Figure out your post-divorce life. Do you feel directionless? Does the future frighten you? A counselor can help you figure out a new direction for your life after a divorce.

Understand your emotions. You may be feeling a mix of emotions, including anger, sorrow, confusion and loneliness. A counselor can help you sort out your feelings.

Enjoy your single life. If you’ve neglected your favorite hobbies, activities and personal goals, therapy can help you discover a new passion for your life.

Manage your budget. Going from two incomes to one can be difficult. Counselors can help you deal with your financial issues before they overwhelm you.

Talk to your children. A divorce is hard on children, but a therapist can help you minimize the impact. You’ll learn strategies for being compassionate with your children while maintaining discipline.

Get ready to socialize again. You may want to date again, or you may want to develop a new circle of friends. A counselor can help you restore your self-confidence so you’re ready to meet people.

Does Online Counseling Work as Well as Traditional Therapy

Does Online Counseling Work as Well as Traditional Therapy?

When you get online counseling, you get access to an enormous network of highly qualified therapists. You can do all your searching and screening from the comfort of home.

We recommend ReGain, BetterHelp and Faithful Counseling because they work with the most qualified therapists. These counselors have extensive knowledge and experience in their specialty. Online therapy works, and it’s affordable and convenient.

Is Online Post-Divorce Counseling the Right Choice for You?

When you feel lost and troubled, talking to an experienced, knowledgeable counselor can help you find solutions. Your counselor can help you craft a game plan for your new life after separation and divorce.

Online therapy has some advantages over traditional therapy:

  • You have access to thousands of qualified counselors.
  • You can schedule appointments when it’s convenient for you.
  • You can stay anonymous and even use an assumed name.
  • Online counseling platforms work on any internet-connected device.
  • It’s much more affordable than traditional therapy.
  • You are free to cancel your subscription any time.
  • You can find a counselor who meets all your requirements.

Top Choices for Online Counseling

There are many places to get online therapy, and it can be difficult to figure out which services are best for your needs. We recommend ReGain, BetterHelp and Faithful Counseling because they offer high-quality therapists, outstanding service and affordable rates.


ReGain is the largest online network of therapists who specialize in every phase of a relationship or marriage. You can find premarital counseling, couples therapy and post-divorce therapy here. You can even find counseling for your children if they need it.

ReGain works with many clients, including couples, individuals and families. When you sign up, you get access to a huge network of licensed, experienced counselors.

The platform offers free articles and how-to guides on its website. If you’re not sure about talking to a counselor, you can get more detailed information here.

How It Works

ReGain begins with a quick online assessment that takes just minutes to fill out. Once you complete the assessment, ReGain’s algorithms will match you with a therapist that fits your requirements. This normally takes just a few hours. Once you have the information, you simply contact your counselor and schedule a time to talk.

ReGain allows you to talk using live chat, phone calls or video calls. All contacts happen on the Regain website. That makes it easy to use and protects your confidentiality.

An online “room” is available 24-7. When you need to connect with your counselor, you can enter any time and post your questions or observations. Your counselor can view your posts and respond to them.

One benefit of ReGain is its flexibility. You can choose to interact with your therapist using short, focused questions in the room, or you can choose an extended, in-depth conversation.

Fees and Pricing

Your subscription to ReGain will cost $60 to $90 a week. It begins when you are matched to a therapist. You will be billed every four weeks to a debit card, credit card or PayPal.

Is ReGain the Right Choice for Online Post-Divorce Counseling?

ReGain specializes in counseling for any phase of a relationship or marriage. You will find highly qualified therapists, a helpful website and a flexible service plan. We recommend ReGain for anyone looking for relationship counselors. If you want a larger network, we recommend BetterHelp, and if you want faith-based therapy, Faithful Counseling is the right choice.

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BetterHelp post divorce


With over 1 million users and 18,000 available therapists, BetterHelp is one of the largest online therapy networks. BetterHelp was an early pioneer in using technology to facilitate communication between clients and therapists.

Once you sign up as a member, you can choose how to contact your counselor. The platform offers your choice of live online chats, live video chats or phone sessions. Everything happens on the BetterHelp platform, which helps ensure your privacy. The site is easy to use.

How BetterHelp Works

You begin with a brief online questionnaire about where you live, what kind of therapist you are looking for, and what your main mental health concerns are.

Once you complete the quick, simple questionnaire, BetterHelp finds a counselor who matches your requirements. The therapist will contact you, and you will exchange a few messages before you decide to work with them.

Your BetterHelp subscription includes one weekly live video or phone session. It also comes with free online “groupinars,” which are like group therapy. You may also have access to text messaging, live online chats, live video chats and phone support. You can change your counselor any time.

Fees and Pricing

BetterHelp’s subscription rates begin at $60 a week. You will be billed weekly to your debit card, credit card or PayPal.

Is BetterHelp the Right Choice for Online Post-Divorce Counseling?

BetterHelp is a large, well-established online therapy network. It offers flexible plans, affordable rates and experienced, licensed counselors. You can find therapists who specialize in working with specific communities.

Overall, it’s an excellent service. One downside is that you’re limited to 30-minute sessions. Another is that it may be difficult to find a specialist who meets all your needs there. If you want to be sure you work with a relationship expert, we recommend ReGain. If you want counselors who offer faith-based therapy, choose Faithful Counseling.

Faithful Counseling

If you are looking for counseling from highly qualified therapists who share your Christian faith, you will find them at Faithful Counseling. All the therapists in this network have advanced degrees and years of experience. They also believe that counseling should address your spiritual and religious wellbeing.

These counselors help clients address many mental health concerns by combining modern counseling techniques with a Bible-based perspective. Each therapist signs a Statement of Faith, which you can find on the Faithful Counseling website.

How Faithful Counseling Works

To find a therapist, fill out a brief questionnaire. You’ll be asked what type of counseling you want and where you live. The platform’s algorithm matches you with a counselor. This normally takes just a few hours.

At Faithful Counseling, you can communicate by text, phone, live video or live chat. You can change therapists any time.

Please note that Faithful Counseling does not provide spiritual or pastoral counseling. If you want that, talk to the minister at your church.

Pricing and Fees

Faithful Counseling is a subscription-based service. The cost ranges from $60 to $90 a week. You will be billed to a credit card, debit card of PayPal every four weeks. You can cancel any time.

Is Faithful Counseling the Best Choice for Online Post-Divorce Counseling?

Faithful Counseling provides high-quality counseling from Christian therapists. It offers flexible plans and affordable rates. All the options we’ve listed are excellent, but Faithful Counseling is the best choice if working with a Christian therapist is a priority for you.

Get Back on Track with Online Post-Divorce Counseling

Divorce can be emotionally devastating. If you’re struggling with life after a separation or divorce, online counseling can help you manage your emotions and handle the practical aspects of your new life. ReGain, BetterHelp and Faithful Counseling offer qualified therapists at affordable rates. They’ll help you make sense of your post-divorce situation.

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