Holistic counseling near me. Best option for holistic counseling online

Maud Geesen
By Maud Geesen
Holistic counseling near me. Best option for holistic counseling online

Whether you’re struggling with your mental health or seeking to become a better version of yourself, holistic counseling can help. Instead of focusing on just a single component of well-being, holistic counseling takes physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns into account. This comprehensive approach often brings positive overall results.

In today’s busy world, finding time to attend in-person counseling sessions can be nearly impossible. That’s why online counseling platforms provide such a valuable service. You can use an online provider to communicate with accredited therapists from your own office or living room. This approach combines convenience and effectiveness, giving you the results you crave without disrupting your life.

In choosing an online holistic counseling provider, you need to consider the quality of the counselors and the structure of the platform. BetterHelp, an online counseling service with an impeccable reputation and a track record of consistent success, offers the type of exceptional service you need. There’s no better option on the market for holistic counseling online.

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Best Holistic Counseling Service: BetterHelp

BetterHelp offers the qualified counselors and efficient platform necessary to get the most out of your counseling experience. The service carefully vets all providers, ensuring that only the best counselors end up on the platform. The site is also designed to give clients the access and flexibility they need.

Once matched with a therapist, users can communicate via messages, chats, phone calls, and video conferencing. Instead of having to maintain a set schedule, you can use any of these features as you see fit. In effect, this gives you the chance to customize your counseling experience according to your personal preferences. Whether you prefer seeing a counselor's face or sending simple messages, you'll be able to use the platform the way that makes you most comfortable.

BetterHelp’s therapists have experience helping clients with all sorts of issues, from personal trauma to relationship troubles. Whatever problems you’re currently facing, you can count on BetterHelp to find the solutions. The holistic approach, meanwhile, will allow you to address multiple problems at once. By the time you’ve finished your holistic counseling with BetterHelp, you’ll have learned useful strategies for overcoming your internal struggles and maximizing your potential.

Holistic counseling explained

Holistic counseling is a special type of therapy that takes a comprehensive approach to wellness. Instead of focusing on narrow symptoms or mental hangups, a holistic counselor will take your entire mental, physical, and spiritual state into account. In holistic counseling, you’ll discuss your emotions, your experiences, and your sense of spiritual well-being. The counselor will use your explanations to understand how these various components of the self interact with each other.

Like other types of therapy, holistic counseling involves a significant amount of listening on the part of the counselor. What sets holistic counseling apart is that the therapists also take an active role in educating their clients. During your time in holistic counseling, your therapist might share techniques related to meditation, self-care, and stress management. These methods are meant to help you improve your well-being with a comprehensive, integrative approach.

Holistic counseling is a great option for anyone looking to take bold action on behalf of their mental health. By its very nature, the holistic approach is more likely than other types of counseling to be a transformative experience. Acting on your counselor’s advice will require changing many habits and patterns of thought, all for the better. There’s no better way to try holistic counseling remotely than by signing up for a subscription with BetterHelp.

How the BetterHelp platform works

How the BetterHelp platform works

BetterHelp successfully provides all the benefits of in-person counseling along with the convenience of a remote format. The first step for prospective clients is to sign up for the platform. From there, the company will match you with a holistic counselor and your subscription will begin.

A major part of BetterHelp’s appeal is the variety of ways you can communicate with your therapist. You can use the following methods for remote conversations:

  • Instant messages
  • Live chats
  • Phone calls
  • Video conferencing

This flexibility allows you to customize your counseling experience according to your preferences. No matter what type of interaction you prefer, you’ll have a chance to get the assistance you need on BetterHelp.

There is no set program that comes with a BetterHelp subscription. You are welcome to use the platform for as little or as much time as you’d like. You’ll have regular access to your therapist until you decide to cancel your subscription. This allows you to pay for counseling services as long as you need them and no longer. a

A subscription with BetterHelp gives you the flexibility and control you need to make counseling work for you. Sign up for the platform today to start reaping the countless benefits of the holistic approach.

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What sets Betterhelp apart

There are many services offering holistic counseling on the internet, but BetterHelp is unquestionably the best. The combination of excellent therapists with a flexible platform makes the most of the online counseling model. While the remote nature of the enterprise could strike some as a drawback, BetterHelp succeeds in turning its digital format into an advantage.

BetterHelp understands the importance of the client-counselor relationship. That’s why they provide several methods of communication. When you know you can reach out to your therapist in multiple ways, it gives you the flexibility to stay in regular contact.

BetterHelp also recognizes that counseling must blend seamlessly into clients’ busy schedules. The flexibility of the remote model allows you to engage with your counselor whenever you have the chance. Even if you’re not free at the same time every day, you can still make the platform work for you.

BetterHelp doesn’t beat out the competition because of a single area of strength. The company is the premier online provider of holistic counseling because it excels in several categories simultaneously. It’s this variety that makes the platform the obvious choice for anyone interested in online counseling.

Therapist verification

Therapist verification

When trusting an online platform to match you with a therapist, you want to be sure that you’re getting someone with training and experience. BetterHelp goes above and beyond to ensure only accredited, talented counselors work on the platform. Not only must all candidates prove their credentials, but they’re also subjected to a rigorous test to make sure they’re knowledgeable, competent, and committed.

As a user, this vetting process gives you the confidence you need to trust your counselor. This is especially important in holistic counseling, an approach that empowers the therapist to regularly offer advice. When you’re receiving counseling through BetterHelp, you can rest assured that you’re working with a therapist who knows their stuff.


BetterHelp gives you greater access to your therapist than what you could expect from an in-person service. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can use the platform to reach out to your counselor. Even if they don’t answer immediately, you can expect to receive a response in a timely manner.

One of counseling’s biggest advantages is the peace of mind it gives to clients. This sense of assurance is greatly increased when you know your counselor is just an instant message away.


BetterHelp’s flexibility is one of the main reasons that the platform is so exceptional for holistic online counseling. No matter how frequently or through which medium you’d like to communicate with your therapist, you’ll be able to build a relationship that works for you.

BetterHelp is also available to help clients with a wide range of issues. Holistic counseling is meant to tackle several problems at once by taking a comprehensive approach. If you’re dealing with relationship issues and trauma simultaneously, holistic counseling from Betterhelp can help you across the board.


BetterHelp is steadfast in its commitment to protecting its users’ privacy. The experienced counselors on the platform understand the importance of confidentiality, and you can count on their total discretion.

The BetterHelp system is also specially designed to deal with sensitive information. All conversations are totally encrypted, and your personal information will be kept completely secure. These measures give you the freedom to be honest and open in your dealings with your therapist.

Pricing for holistic counseling with BetterHelp

Holistic counseling is available from BetterHelp on a subscription basis. You’ll pay between $60 and $90 per week with the system charging you automatically through Paypal or a credit card. You can cancel your subscription at any time with no questions asked. The ease of cancellation is another factor making BetterHelp the most flexible online counseling service on the web.

Conclusion: Try holistic counseling online through BetterHelp

Holistic counseling is a comprehensive strategy for improving your well-being. By accounting for mental, spiritual, and physical health, the holistic approach is ideal for treating a wide range of issues. BetterHelp, with its all-star team and effective model, is the best online provider of holistic counseling. You can use the various modes of communication to get the most out of the system, giving yourself the all-around boost you need. To experience the benefits of BetterHelp first hand, sign up for the program today. After a few weeks of holistic counseling, you just might find you're a happier, healthier person.

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