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Maud Geesen
By Maud Geesen
Best holistic sex coach near me online

Dealing with intimacy issues in a relationship is difficult for everyone involved. Understanding natural processes around attraction, sex, and desire is challenging, and it can be frustrating to come up against problems that don’t seem to have any easy solutions. Not only are intimacy issues devastating and destabilizing, but they’re also extremely difficult to talk about. The hampered communication around sex only makes the problem worse.

If you find yourself in this type of situation, you’re far from alone. Intimacy issues plague relationships around the world. Luckily, there is a solution available: sex therapy. An experienced counselor can help you talk about your issues and bring intimacy back into the relationship. Better yet, this type of counseling is available online, enabling you to get the help you need at your convenience.

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Best holistic sex therapy service near me: Regain

Regain is an online counseling service designed to provide discrete, easy access to accredited therapists. The company’s remote model means people can speak with therapists from anywhere in the world. The service is available for couples and individuals alike. Couples can access therapists together, enabling the type of three-way conversions that are especially conducive to success.

Regain offers a variety of counseling services, including holistic sex coach near me. Regain’s therapists are all experienced specialists, and the flexibility of the company’s approach is perfect for busy couples and individuals. If you’re looking for convenient intimacy counseling with a remote format, Regain is the perfect service for you.

How holistic sex therapy works

How holistic sex therapy works

Holistic sex coach near me gives people the tools they need to understand and overcome intimacy issues in their relationships. The first step involves simply talking with a therapist about sex-related problems. This can be awkward and uncomfortable at first, but it gives the therapist a chance to fully grasp the situation. From there, the therapist will look for potential solutions to the problem. Communication and patience are vital throughout the process. Solving deep-seated intimacy issues is not as simple as flipping a switch. With compassion and perseverance, however, therapy should eventually yield positive results

Typical benefits of sex therapy include:

  • A newfound ability to discuss sexual topics.
  • An understanding of what causes intimacy issues in a relationship.
  • New methods for effective communication.
  • Tools for putting the spark back into the relationship.

If you think sex therapy is right for you, then sign up for the platform. Before you know it, you’ll be on the road toward a healthier, more fulfilling relationship.

What sets Regain apart

There are many online sex therapist services available, but Regain outperforms other providers in several key areas. For one thing, Regain’s entire operation exudes professionalism and competence. Therapists are certified and experienced, ensuring you receive truly exceptional care. Regain’s fully remote model is also ideal for providing flexibility and availability. With professional counselors just a few clicks away, you can get the help you need without disrupting your schedule. The company’s security policies are sound, and its prices are fair. All of this makes Regain the premier online provider of holistic sex therapy.


Regain is notable for its high levels of professionalism. From start to finish, the company makes its commitment to its clients clear. All therapists are fully licensed, giving them the professional clout to understand your case and offer the best possible solutions. Regain also follows ethical business practices. People are matched with a therapist within a few days of signing up, and the subscription only begins when the match is actually made. In this way, Regain makes sure their customers receive every bit of counseling they pay for.


Founded in 2016, Regain is young enough to have fresh ideas but old enough to have established a model that works. On an individual basis, the platform’s therapists are highly experienced and professionally trained. All therapists are either licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional therapists, licensed marriage and family therapists, or accredited psychologists. They also hold either a master’s degree or a doctoral degree in their specific field. This gives them the background they need to effectively serve clients. They’ve also been fully accredited by their respective states, a status they earned by accruing a certain number of practical hours of experience. All of this ensures that Regain’s therapists are experienced professionals with sufficient knowledge to help with your sex-related issues.


Regain’s online format provides the type of consistent availability you would have trouble finding with an in-person counseling service. There are many therapists working on the platform, and Regain will match you with someone who meets your needs within hours or days of subscribing to the service. You and your therapist, along with your partner if you have one, will be given access to a designated online chat room. You can access that room at any time to post messages related to your intimacy issues. The therapist will respond to the messages as quickly as they can. Having this private online space available at all times will give you the constant outlet you need to share your problems.


One of the biggest advantages of Regain’s online model is the flexibility it provides. Therapy is always more useful in the moments when things are going wrong. There will be some days when you’ll need to communicate with a counselor right away and other periods when everything is going well and an occasional message is sufficient. With Regain, you can use your private online room and contact your therapist with whatever frequency you find necessary. If you’re in the midst of an especially rough patch with significant problems in the bedroom, you can access your therapist on a regular basis. Whether you favor short, intensive conversations or occasional messages spread throughout the week, you’ll be able to communicate with the counselor on your preferred terms. This flexibility is what makes Regain the best option for such a wide variety of clients.

Privacy and security

Regain protects its clients by taking their privacy seriously. When signing up, you can give a fake name or nickname to be used on the platform. Your real name and contact information are also required, but this data is stashed away and only used in emergencies. Your personal information is protected within the platform’s secure systems, and whatever additional information you divulge to your therapist will remain strictly confidential. Regain is a professional platform with experienced, compassionate therapists who know what’s at stake. Intimacy issues are intensely private, and you need to know whatever happens on the platform will stay on the platform. With responsible therapists and secure systems, Regain is capable of making that promise.

Prices for online sex therapy

Online sex therapy with Regain costs between $60 and $90 per week. This fee will give you the ability to enter your private chat room and communicate with your assigned therapist. You can pay for the service with Paypal or a credit card. The automatic recurring payments take the stress out of maintaining the subscription, allowing you to focus on communicating with your therapist and putting their recommendations into action. You can cancel your subscription at any time, ensuring you never pay for the service when you no longer want it. This weekly format further enhances the platform’s flexibility. If you feel you’ve gotten all the assistance you need after just a week, you can cancel your subscription and enjoy your regained sense of intimacy on your own. If you find a long-term dialogue with your therapist useful, however, then you can stick with the platform as long as you’d like. A service that significantly improves the physical side of your relationship will be worth every penny.

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What a holistic online sex therpist does

A holistic online sex therapist will help you discuss the issues plaguing your relationships and provide strategies to solve persistent problems. Your online therapist will likely walk you through three important steps:

  • Communication
  • Understanding root causes
  • Strategies for improving the situation

The first part of the process involves discussing your sex-related issues with the therapist. For many clients, this is the hardest part. Society has long taught its members that certain topics are taboo. Mustering the courage to communicate such intimate details and finding the words to describe them can be a serious challenge. A sex therapist will know how to make the process easier and tease out the essential information.

Once the basic parameters of the issue are understood, the therapist will do what they can to identify the root causes of the problem. This is where the therapist's knowledge and experience come in. They’ve seen dozens if not hundreds of clients before, many of whom probably had similar issues to yours. Acting like a detective, they’ll be able to seek out the underlying issues manifesting themselves in the bedroom. This information will help you solve the problem.

The therapist's ultimate objective is to provide meaningful recommendations. Having understood the nature of your sex-related issues, they’ll be able to draw from their experience in offering potential solutions. From there, it falls on the client to employ the strategies that the therapist has suggested


An online holistic sex coach near me therapist can help put the spark back into your relationship. Regain, with its professional therapists and user-friendly platform, is the best provider of this web-based service. To get your relationship back on track, sign up with Regain today.

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