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Maud Geesen
By Maud Geesen
Life coaching for women. Best female life coaches

Even though we know ourselves best, it sometimes becomes hard to excel at every facet of our lives since we may find it hard to move on from trauma or be stuck in the constant cycle of procrastination.

Whether it is due to the loss of a loved one, general lethargy, or any other reason, people often find themselves stuck at one point in their lives, unable to step forward into the next. That is where life coaching comes in. A life coach helps their clients make improvements and positive strides in their lives.

A life coach helps you take this step. Bear in mind that they do not take the step for you, nor do they push you to take it. Instead, they work on the inherent knowledge that every individual has within themselves to improve their lives for good.

Life coaching improves your self-confidence, gives you a different perspective, heightens your self-awareness, creates balance in your life, allows you to foster stronger and better relationships, brings you closer to achieving your goals, and may help you find happiness.

Women benefit largely from life coaching since they often fight the more significant and more complicated battles within themselves. This guide will talk about a life coaching service that has some of the best life coaches you can find online.

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Best life coaching for women online — BetterHelp

BetterHelp, founded in 2013 with its headquarters in California, claims to be the largest online counseling website in the world. The platform lists mental health professionals specializing in several fields, ranging from depression and anxiety to posttraumatic stress disorder and trauma.

BetterHelp, being completely online, offers services to clients through live chat, online messages, phone sessions, and video calls.

It is pretty straightforward to access the platform through a tablet, computer, or smartphone as a user.

BetterHelp has taken the limelight because it offers counseling only from board-licensed professionals, accredited psychologists, family therapists, and clinical social workers.

All counselors on the platform have a doctorate or at least a master's degree in their field with three years and a thousand hours of experience.
The website also explains the platform's stringent selection process. BetterHelp takes four to five weeks to evaluate a therapist, including verifying their licenses and making them take case study exams. Only 15% of the applicants make it to the platform.

Suppose a problem, like an eating disorder, stress, depression, anxiety, sleep disorder, anger, trauma, or anything else, is holding you back in life. In that case, you can find a life coach for yourself on BetterHealth.

BetterHelp is an ideal option for people who prefer online counseling due to its privacy, confidentiality, comfort, and convenience.

Moreover, if you feel that your current state is not letting you get ahead in life, finding a counselor for yourself on the platform will be the first step in the right direction.

Here are some counselors you can expect to find on the platform:

Georgia Bryce-Hutchinson

Dr. Georgia Bryce-Hutchinson is a marriage and family therapist who specializes in many areas. If your teen has behavioral issues and emotional outbreaks at home, she is the one to head over to.

Likewise, she also works with families who are healing from substance abuse or alcohol addiction of one of the members. She provides family therapy, post-treatment support for recovering addicts, couples therapy, and individual counseling.

Most importantly, she is a Certified Professional Life Coach and is also certified by the American Association for Christian Counselors.

Elizabeth Worek

Dr. Elizabeth Worek is a licensed online counselor specializing in dealing with stress, anxiety, relationship issues, family conflicts, depression, anger management, self-esteem, parenting issues, and life changes.

She is a family and marriage therapist with over ten years of experience as a life coach and therapist. Her approach is collaborative and warm while combining family systems theory and cognitive-behavioral therapy with interpersonal therapy.

Cinnamon Key

Cinnamon Key is a life coach, counselor, clinical social worker, and mentor who specializes in women empowerment and helping clients deal with life circumstances.

She aims to empower women and girls to achieve wellness and conquer every transition in their lives. Therefore, she is of great help for women struggling with life changes and unable to move on or deal with the circumstances in the most amicable way.

What is Betterhelp and how does it work

What is Betterhelp and how does it work?

BetterHelp is an online counseling and therapy service, allowing you to get in touch with licensed and accredited professionals through chats, video, and phone sessions.
You can schedule your sessions flexibly since everything is online. To date, research has found telehealth to be promising, regarding it as a practical option in instances where in-person coaching is not available or feasible.

BetterHelp brings this convenience to you in the comfort of your homes.

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How does BetterHealh work?

BetterHelp provides counseling services for a wide range of people, including families, individuals, and couples. Firstly, you have to create an account on the website.

After that, you need to fill in a questionnaire. The questionnaire includes questions about your preferences for a counselor, such as their sexual orientation, age, religion, language, and gender. Additionally, you will have to answer questions about the problems you are dealing with.

BetterHelp will then take anywhere from a few hours to a day to match you with an appropriate counselor for your needs. The platform claims all counselors to be experienced, trained, and licensed.

If you do not like the therapist you have been matched with or simply want someone else, you can email BetterHelp, and they will find another counselor for you.

Take a questionnaire today and find the best life coach to get over your life hurdles.

What makes life coaching for women sessions from BetterHelp stand out?

BetterHelp has a seamless and well-organized system for matching you with life coaches, making the sessions on the platform stand out from in-person therapy. Here are some notable features of the platform:

Chat Room

After matching you with a counselor or life coach, BetterHelp gives you a private chat room where you can talk to your designated professional. You can access the chat room as long as you are connected to the Internet.

You can send a message to your life coach at any time of the day. They will reply with guidance, feedback, homework, or even more questions. The app sends notifications, just like your social media apps, so you will not miss correspondence from your life coach.

Since the chat rooms save the conversations, you can always go back and read the advice repeatedly or reflect on your improvement over time. However, you do not have to worry about confidentiality as all conversations on BetterHelp are protected by HIPAA and strict federal laws.

Live chat

Not everyone is good at expressing their problems or thoughts verbally. Some people struggle to formulate their ideas properly, so they are reluctant to go for in-person therapy.

BetterHealth allows you to schedule a chat-based consultation with your life coach.

You can schedule a session where you text your counselor instead of being on a video call or phone call. It is beneficial and conducive in situations where your thoughts are over-crowded or feel too foggy to put coherently into words.

Hour-long phone sessions

If you prefer saying your thoughts out loud, the phone sessions will be ideal for you. BetterHelp allows you to schedule an hour-long phone session with your counselor.

Since the website or app does not share your number with the therapist, your information is safe and confidential.

Live video sessions

Some people prefer seeing their therapists face-to-face but are too nervous about being in the same room as them. Life video sessions are the best alternative to in-person therapy for such individuals.

BetterHelp lets you schedule live video sessions with your life coach through the app. You can get access to help regardless of where you are.

BetterHelp pricing

BetterHelp has a membership-based payment model, which means you will have to pay a fee every four weeks. The cost for a week of counseling ranges anywhere from $60 to $90.

You are free to cancel your membership whenever you want.

What is a life coach and how can it help

What is a life coach and how can it help?

A life coach is a trained professional who counsels clients on a comprehensive range of personal, professional, and other issues.
Life coaching is not the same as merely giving advice. It incorporates counseling, mentoring, therapy, and consulting to help clients reach their personal and professional goals while dealing with life transitions in the best way possible.

Moreover, a life coach can also help you see your goals clearly, identify the hurdles keeping you behind and develop effective strategies to overcome these obstacles.

In helping you do this, life coaches target your skills and unique skills, making you aware of your strengths that you can put in action to deal with circumstances.

A life coach can help you break bad habits, deal with trauma, manage high levels of anxiety or stress and identify where your feeling of dissatisfaction and unfulfillment comes from.

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To sum up, a life coach can help you find meaning in your life while equipping you with the necessary approach to deal with any transitions or big chances. BetterHelp matches you with an appropriate counselor based on your responses to the questionnaire.

It is an excellent service, especially for people who are uncomfortable in in-person therapy, live in remote areas with limited transportation access, and prefer online treatment due to its convenience.

Therefore, BetterHelp could be a blessing for many women who are struggling with personal or professional obstacles at the moment.

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