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Best online holistic psychotherapists

Are you struggling to enjoy daily life? If you’re experiencing anxiety, depression or other negative emotions, talking them out with a counselor can help you figure out what’s causing them. Some people suffer with chronic mood disorders, and others may have had traumatic experiences they haven’t fully recovered from.

Whatever is troubling you, it’s time to stop letting it interfere with your happiness and success. Holistic therapy can uncover the roots of your emotions. Here’s why we recommend holistic therapy from the online network at BetterHelp.

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What is holistic psychotherapy?

As you know, psychotherapy is the practice of speaking with a trained, experienced counselor who can guide your conversation toward the issues that bother you. These may be obvious, or they may be hidden other under surface issues.

A therapist is trained at uncovering those hidden emotions that sabotage your efforts at success. In therapy, you can talk safely and openly about your struggles. As the therapist responds with guidance and feedback, you begin to work out solutions to your problems. The goal of therapy is to help you learn coping strategies that help you thrive.

What you may not know is that there are several approaches to psychotherapy. Each therapist has been trained in a specific approach that guides their therapeutic interventions. Some commonly used approaches are cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance commitment therapy (ACT), psychoanalytic therapy and brief dynamic psychotherapy.

The mind-body connection

Holistic therapy is sometimes called body-centered psychotherapy. Instead of focusing only on what’s going on in your thoughts, it considers any physical, emotional or spiritual troubles you are having. Holistic therapists believe that good mental health depends on a healthy body, spirit and mind.

When you work with a holistic therapist, you can expect to work on all these aspects of your life. You may use exercise therapy, art therapy, dance therapy, meditation and deep breathing.

Some holistic therapists use hypnosis. Others may suggest changes to your diet to incorporate healthy whole foods. The term holistic is a sign that a counselor will help you heal spiritually, emotionally and physically.

How do you know if your therapist is holistic

How do you know if your therapist is holistic?

If you’re on a large network like BetterHelp, you can request therapists who take holistic approaches to therapy.

Some psychotherapists refer to their practices using different terminology. Following are some alternative terms for holistic therapy.

Mind-body therapy: Mind-body therapists believe a relaxed mind and body lead to better decision making. There is also evidence that this therapy can help reduce anxiety and physical pain. Mind-body therapy focuses on relaxation techniques and meditation. You will feel focused and clear when you use this therapy.

Somatic therapy: Somatic therapists believe there is a direct link from your physical impulses to your thought patterns and emotions. This therapy focuses on improving your body's functions by using breathwork, therapeutic dance, yoga and other movements. There is plenty of evidence linking physical wellness to mental wellness.

Spiritual therapy: Spiritual and religious beliefs are important to many people. If so, you may be comfortable with a spiritual therapist who incorporates those beliefs into therapy. There is strong evidence linking spiritual beliefs to stress immunity and happiness. A spiritual therapist can help you use your beliefs to feel stronger.

Integrative therapy: An integrative therapist might use a mix of these techniques. The term usually means that a therapist is open to a combination of approaches.

Holistic therapy: Is it right for you?

Holistic therapy is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to explore the connection between mind and body. It could be the right choice for you if you:

  • Prefer holistic healthcare. If you supplement your doctor visits and medications with herbal supplements and alternative treatments, you will respond well to holistic psychotherapy.
  • Have strong religious or spiritual beliefs. Some religions incorporate mind and body wellness. If yours does, or if spirituality is important to you, centering your spirituality will help you cope with life’s challenges.
  • Practice therapeutic exercises. If you’re already attuned to your body through tai chi or yoga, you may appreciate the benefits of holistic psychotherapy.
  • Want to avoid medications. If you’re not ready to treat your mood disorders or other mental health issues with a prescription, holistic psychotherapy may be a good alternative.
  • Have tried other types of therapy. Have you tried other therapy and been dissatisfied? Holistic therapy may be the fresh approach you need.

Why we recommend BetterHelp

Where do you find a holistic therapist? The good news is that you can find one online. Online therapy has made it easy for anyone to find a counselor that can help them handle life’s daily challenges.

We recommend BetterHelp because it is the world’s largest online network of experienced psychotherapists. It has over 2 million users and 24,000 licensed, professional therapists. BetterHelp pioneered the use of online psychotherapy as an affordable alternative to traditional, in-person therapy.

Is online therapy a good option?

When you get therapy from an online counselor, you get the same expertise you would get from traditional therapy. Studies have found that most people express great satisfaction with their online therapists and with the treatment they receive.

Traditional therapy is excellent, but it is expensive compared to online therapy. It’s also inconvenient. You must schedule appointments according to the therapist’s office hours, and you may have to drive a long way to get there. Finding nearby therapists who specialize in a particular approach may be difficult.

With online therapy at BetterHelp, you can schedule appointments at a time that’s convenient for you. You have access to the world’s largest network of practicing psychotherapists. It’s easy to get started, and the service is extremely affordable. Your anonymity is assured on a secure, private platform.

What mental health concerns can holistic therapy address

What mental health concerns can holistic therapy address?

Holistic psychotherapy can treat a range of issues that interfere with your ability to live a full, happy life. It is an outstanding treatment for many disorders and concerns, including:

  • Chronic anxiety.
  • Loneliness.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Social anxiety.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Addictive disorders.
  • Loss of spirituality.
  • Bereavement and loss.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Depression.
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How holistic therapy from BetterHelp stands out

Holistic therapy can help you live a better life. At BetterHelp, it is easy to find a trained, experienced holistic counselor.


Online therapy is extremely convenient. You conduct all your searches, communications and payments on the BetterHelp platform. It offers one-stop convenience for everything related to your therapy. The platform is available 24-7, and you can choose your preferred way of communicating.

Therapist quality

BetterHelp screens and runs background checks on every therapist in its network. Each therapist has an advanced degree, a state license and a minimum of 1,000 hours of hands-on experience.


Individual, in-office therapy can start at $100 an hour, and insurance rarely covers it. BetterHelp’s plans start at $60 a week. For that price, you get:

  • One weekly 30-minute video call or phone call with your counselor.
  • Ability to text message your counselor any time.
  • Convenient online scheduling
  • Free weekly group therapy sessions led by an online counselor.
  • Computer-assisted matching to find the right therapist for you.
  • Easy cancellation.

Truly holistic approach

Some therapists call themselves “holistic” but don’t really take a mind-body, spiritual approach to therapy. At BetterHelp, every counselor must have hands-on experience in their specialty.

How to get started with BetterHelp

Begin by filling out BetterHelp’s brief online questionnaire. Select whether you’ll be in therapy as an individual or a couple. There is also an option to choose therapy for your minor child.

One you create your free account and complete the questionnaire, you will be matched with a therapist who meets your requirements. You can choose how to contact your counselor. BetterHelp supports live online chats, live video chats, text messaging and phone sessions. Everything happens on the BetterHelp platform, which helps ensure your privacy.

How BetterHelp works

In most cases, it only takes a few hours to match you to a therapist. You will receive contact information so you can begin messaging your counselor immediately.

BetterHelp provides a brief description of each therapist. You can read about their education, work experience and therapeutic approach before you talk with them.

If you’re not happy with your therapist for any reason, you can ask to switch. Changing therapists is easy at BetterHelp.

Your BetterHelp subscription includes weekly video or phone sessions. You may also use text messaging, online chats, live video chats and phone calls. It also comes with free online “groupinars,” which are interactive group therapy sessions.

Fees and pricing

BetterHelp’s aim is to make therapy low-cost and effective. Its weekly subscription plans range from $60 to $90 a week. You will be billed weekly to a debit card, credit card or PayPal. Your subscription starts when you get matched with a therapist.

BetterHelp is a top option for online holistic counseling

BetterHelp is the world’s largest online therapy network. Most users give it high ratings. Your weekly subscription includes convenient online scheduling, free digital worksheets, free attendance at weekly group sessions and much more. It's a remarkable value. For all these reasons, we consider it the top choice for finding an online holistic therapist.

Holistic therapy can give you a healthy outlook on life

Holistic psychotherapy will help you heal mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. If you’re interested in an approach that takes all these elements into account, sign up with BetterHelp. You will find an online holistic counselor to help you handle life’s challenges.




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