Online therapy for binge eating. Best online counseling for overeating

Maud Geesen
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Online therapy for binge eating

If you feel a strong compulsion to eat even when you're not hungry or just can't stop when you've consumed the same amount of food as other people you know, you may have a binge eating disorder. Guilt and other negative emotions may make you feel uncomfortable eating around others to the point where you find yourself eating by yourself or in secret. However, you're not alone. While it's estimated that about 2.8 million people in the United States suffer from binge eating disorder, only 3 percent seek treatment due to shame and the associated stigma. This potentially life-threatening condition is treatable along with other related overeating disorders. Your fear of being found out can be laid to rest with discreet yet highly personalized online counseling services.

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Best online counseling service for binge eating – Betterhelp

Betterhelp allows you to receive confidential counseling from the comfort of your own home or anyplace where you feel at ease. With literally thousands of qualified counselors, they have the largest network of online providers available. You'll be matched with a counselor who is licensed, certified in his or her state of practice and has experience with the unique struggles that are associated with binge eating.

What is binge eating disorder?

Binge eating disorder is characterized by consuming large amounts of food over a period when compared to others during that same time frame. If you have this disorder, you may keep promising yourself that you'll stop. Unfortunately, the compulsion is so strong that you may feel like you have no control when it comes to how much you eat or even when you eat. After a binge, you're likely to feel shame, guilt or embarrassment.

Also referred to as compulsive overeating disorder, this condition causes you to eat even if you're not hungry or if you're already full. You may continue to consume foods until you're noticeably uncomfortable. Continuing on the path of overeating can lead to excessive weight gain and even the development of bulimia. Anxiety and depression commonly occur in connection with binge eating disorder.

As you continue to struggle with overeating, your health may decline. You may be at increased risk of not only anxiety and depression but substance abuse as well. If you find that you're gaining weight due to binging, you may experience the health problems associated with obesity, such as increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Even if you don't gain weight, the guilt and secrecy associated with binge eating may interfere with your home and work life. Consequently, this condition is also associated with increased social isolation, which can increase your compulsion to binge even more.

What is bulimia

What is bulimia?

Bulimia involves an unhealthy obsession with the shape of your body and how much you weigh. After an uncontrollable binge, you find a way to purge the food from your body, such as by forced vomiting or the use of laxatives, enemas or weight loss pills, or else you use excessive exercise to try to overcome the additional calories you consumed.

This condition can cause you to become dehydrated, which may damage your kidneys. Other body systems negatively impacted by bulimia include the cardiovascular, digestive and even the reproductive systems. Continued struggles with bulimia can significantly shorten your life span, making it vital to seek treatment.

How does binge eating disorder online therapy work with Betterhelp?

It's simple to sign up for online counseling with Betterhelp. You'll just go to the homepage and answer a few questions so that you can be matched with a qualified therapist who you can talk to any time you need.

Common types of psychotherapy for overeating disorders

The goal of your counseling sessions is to regain control of your food consumption so that you consume a healthy, balanced diet while resisting any urges to overeat. There are various treatment options, but the most prevalent types of therapy include the following:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Interpersonal psychotherapy

Whether you and your therapist choose one method or a combination, you'll learn how to identify triggers to binge eating and establish healthy coping skills to handle stress, negative emotions and relationships, which may all affect your compulsion to overeat.

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What makes Betterhelp's online therapy for binge eating disorder stand out

What makes Betterhelp's online therapy for binge eating disorder stand out?

When you sign up for Betterhelp, you'll be able to schedule live counseling sessions as you'd like via messaging, text, phone calls or video calls. You can use this function wherever you're at whenever you need. This is much different than in-person counseling where you have to go into an office to meet with your therapist, which can be extremely difficult if that provider doesn't have a location nearby or one that is easily accessible to you.

With Betterhelp's online counseling service, you won't necessarily have to take time off of work or pay for daycare while you drive to and from and attend your therapy sessions. However, to get the most of your counseling, you'll want to make sure you choose a time for your live sessions when you're free of distractions so that you can focus on your recovery.

In between sessions, you'll be able to send messages or texts to your therapist when you need assistance instead of having to wait for your scheduled appointment as you would with a traditional in-person counselor. This means that if you feel the urge to begin a binge coming on, all you have to do is send a message and practice the self-care suggestions that you've learned in your previous sessions until your therapist responds.

Furthermore, if you don't mesh with your current therapist or you're not receiving the care that you think you should be, you'll have the ability to switch to a different counselor. With the huge network of therapists available at Betterhelp, you're sure to find a great counselor that completely understands what you're going through.

There are other online counseling services out there, but they don't offer the flexibility of Betterhelp. Although there might be cheaper options, those only offer very restricted plans that limit your ability to speak with your therapist. To get the full range of services like those offered by Betterhelp, you would have to pay more per week for a similar quality of care.

Online counseling pricing with Betterhelp

Although you really can't put a price on wellness, the counseling and behavioral services offered by Betterhelp are comparable with other online counselors and generally less expensive than seeing a traditional therapist face to face. Additionally, you can communicate with your counselor as frequently as necessary without having to wait to schedule an appointment. This unlimited texting or messaging is included in the flat fee that you'll pay for your services, so there's no additional cost to you to get extra help when you need it.

Traditional in-person counseling typically runs between $75 to $150 per session. If you need to talk in between those appointments, there may be additional fees associated with this type of extended care.

While prices are subject to change, the current rate for Betterhelp services is $60 to $80 per week. This flat fee covers all of the times you need to connect with your therapist during that week. Additionally, there may be financial assistance options that you can explore with your therapist to help offset some of the costs associated with these online counseling services.

When it comes to results, research shows that online therapy is just as effective for treating many issues as in-person. In fact, when it comes to disorders such as overeating that induce secrecy and shame, studies show that clients actually prefer the confidentiality and convenience associated with online counseling.

Conclusion: Binge eating disorder online therapy with Betterhelp

You don't have to let an overeating disorder consume your quality of life and your health since help is available. When you choose Betterhelp's online platform for your therapy sessions, you'll enjoy a flat fee that includes unlimited messaging with your therapist, so you'll be able to get help when the compulsion to binge comes on or for any other concerns you may have. Because there's a wide range of counselors available and the ability to switch therapists, you can find someone who really understands you. The online services offered are more affordable and convenient than traditional in-office counseling and provide you with greater access to the quality care you deserve. No matter where you live, you'll have unlimited access to qualified and experienced professionals. The longer you wait, the greater the risk to your health. Learn how to live your best life by getting started with Betterhelp today.

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