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Maud Geesen
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Family therapy & consultation services

Finding a family therapist isn’t easy. A family therapist is someone to whom you must tell your most intimate thoughts, and they are thoughts that you aren’t necessarily telling anyone else in your world. You need to choose this person according to your specific needs. For example, you may need your therapist to specialize in individual therapy or couples therapy. It might be very important for you to have a female therapist because you wouldn’t be able to be completely open about some subjects with a man. Lastly, you may be a Christian, and it would be very important for you to have therapy with a Christian therapist. All of this is possible with ReGain, Faithful Counseling and BetterHelp.

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Regain - best family counseling services near me

What is it?

ReGain offers family counseling services in an online setting. Every therapist has a license and several years of experience. They are also accredited and fully prepared to provide counseling services for people experiencing familial crises. The fact that this service is online means that you will have more privacy than if you had to present yourself in a therapist’s office. On top of that, ReGain is much more affordable than traditional therapy.

Each client has the opportunity to choose how he or she wants to communicate with his or her therapist. For example, you can choose to call your therapist on the phone or meet for live chats or video calls.

To start using the platform, you only need to sign up and take a questionnaire. The questions will help the system get to know you well enough to suggest a therapist to help you with your issues. For example, you will answer questions about mental health counseling you had in the past. It will also want to know about your physical health.

The website uses an algorithm that chooses the therapist out of a very large pool of counselors. You will receive a message from your therapist after the system makes a match, and you can begin to get to know each other before you set up your first meeting. During this time, you may discover that the therapist the algorithm chose for you doesn’t exactly have the right fit for you. This is all right because you can request another counselor until you find the right one.

ReGain counselors have the experience to help you address all of the areas that are troubling you in your family's life. These may be issues that you are dealing with in your romantic relationship, or it may be the difficulties that you have with setting boundaries for your children. Family therapy also helps you work out the arguments you have about money and problems you have communicating. These are very common problems that families face, and they often need to find family therapy to help them with these issues.

How does it work Regain

How does it work?

Therapy with ReGain couldn’t be easier. You can choose where you want to attend your sessions. You will be able to attend on your computer, tablet or phone, so the place where you will hold your therapy sessions can be entirely private. Unlike traditional therapy, no one ever has to know that you are in therapy. Once you have chosen the place for your therapy sessions, you will need to choose a time. The time will depend on your therapist’s availability, but you can select a time that will be agreeable to both of you.

If you would like to have a more intimate setting than you can have on the phone, you may opt to have video therapy sessions. You may not be comfortable showing your face, but you don’t have to do that. You can also have your therapy sessions by messaging. Therapists with ReGain can offer counseling services for individual therapy or couples therapy.

Why is it the best?

ReGain only hires licensed marriage and family therapists, licensed clinical social workers and licensed professional therapists. Each therapist has been trained and has multiple years of experience working in his or her profession. Every therapist has at least a master’s degree, but all of our psychologists have their doctorates. Their training, education and practice made it possible for their states’ boards to certify them. They are all specialists in relationship therapy, so they are excellent choices for you if you need family therapy that helps you navigate your way through the troubles you are having in your relationships.


At ReGain, you will purchase a subscription package that allows you to visit a therapist every week. At the end of the week, your account will be charged between $60 and $90. The system will not bill your credit card until after four weeks have passed. When you believe that you do not need any more therapy, you are free to cancel your subscription.

Other good family therapy and consultation services

Other good family therapy and consultation services

Faithful counseling - Faith-based counseling services for christians

Faithful Counseling’s platform is exactly like the service described for ReGain. It is an online platform that allows you to receive therapeutic services online. Faithful Counseling’s therapists have the same credentials as therapists with ReGain, so they are equally as trained, educated and talented as the therapists with ReGain.

Faithful Counseling’s therapists have an added bonus because they incorporate their religion into the practice of their profession. This means that Faithful Counseling’s therapists will help you grow psychologically, but they also work on your spiritual side. Believers have trouble finding help for the issues they are having with their families because they want to find faith-based counseling, but Faithful Counseling gives them the opportunity to have faith-based counseling in an online setting. Everyone is welcome to invite God into the conversation however they want to do so because Faithful Counseling’s therapists allow their clients to set the pace.


Faithful Counseling costs between $60 and $90 per week. For this price, you are welcome to request meetings with your therapist as many times as you like, but it will depend on when your therapist is available, where you are located and your preferences. Your credit card will be billed after four weeks of therapy sessions have been completed.

BetterHelp - Family therapy and consultation services

BetterHelp is another online platform that offers counseling for family therapy. It is a counseling service that employs a large number of female therapists with experience helping women with many female issues, so if you would like to request a female therapist, you may do so. It may be that you have an issue that you feel more comfortable discussing with another woman, but this isn’t a problem here.

Many topics can be hard for women to talk about with a man. For example, you may want to talk about being sexually assaulted by a man, and this would be extremely uncomfortable for you if you had a male therapist. Women’s family counseling eliminates this issue so that you and your therapist can begin counseling without awkwardness.

Pros and cons of family therapy with BetterHelp

BetterHelp, ReGain and Faithful Counseling all use a simple platform to deliver therapeutic services, so you will receive the same benefits with BetterHelp that you receive with the other platforms. The main benefit is that this platform is as affordable as the others, but it is also much less costly than therapy with a traditional therapist.


Family therapy sessions for you, you and your partner, or your child will be between $60 and $90 per week. Like with the other platforms, you will only be billed for your sessions after four weeks have passed. If you no longer wish to use these services, you only need to cancel your subscription.

Conclusion: How do you find family therapy?

Finding family therapy to help you with the problems you are having with your family members used to be difficult. Now that the internet can offer online family therapy, the search just got a lot easier. These platforms give you the opportunity to attend therapy online, and the best part may be that therapy sessions are so affordable.

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