Online christian marriage counseling. Review: Best christian counselors

Maud Geesen
By Maud Geesen
Online christian marriage counseling. Review: Best christian counselors

Even the best marriages go through their rocky patches. Two people can love each other tremendously and still fall short of perfect harmony. If your marriage isn’t running as smoothly as you’d like it to, professional counseling can help. Communicating with an expert who understands the nuances of romantic relationships is often the best way to get to the bottom of your marital struggles. By understanding the root causes of your issues and working to solve them, you can build a marriage that works for you and your partner.

Christian couples whose faith informs their marital bonds should consider opting for Christian counseling. Christian marriage counselors will be able to discuss your relationship from a Biblical perspective. They’ll also comprehend the myriad ways in which your faith affects your marriage. This shared understanding will facilitate more meaningful, productive dialogue.

Online Christian counseling is an especially convenient way to get the marital assistance you need. Faithful Counseling, an online provider with exceptional marriage counselors and a user-friendly system, is the best source of remote Christian counseling. Once you begin your Faithful Counseling subscription, you’ll be well on your way toward creating a sounder marriage.

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Best Online Christian Counseling Service: Faithful Counseling

Faithful Counseling might not be the only Christian counseling service available on the web, but it is certainly the most effective. The site's Christian counselors are the best in the business, while the platform itself is designed to make the remote format a strength rather than a weakness.

The management at Faithful Counseling thinks that therapy should be both a psychological and a spiritual process. For practicing Christian couples, the power of their marriage is inseparable from their religious faith. Only Christian therapists who are themselves active in the faith will provide the right combination of spiritual and psychological guidance that a Christain couple needs. Faithful Counseling’s model is designed to provide Christian couples with the holistic marriage counseling they need.

How the Platform Works

Faithful Counseling is an online platform meant to match clients with Christian therapists. As a subscriber, you’ll receive a counselor who will work with you as long as you’re on the platform. You’ll communicate with this counselor, who was chosen from a pool of accredited Christian therapists, to explain your marital struggles. As you discuss your issues, the counselor will draw from their knowledge and experience to look for lasting solutions.

Faithful Counseling is designed to streamline the counseling process and make it as convenient as possible for remote clients. Despite the digital format, you’ll receive top-notch service from professional, accredited therapists. To get started on Faithful Counseling, all you have to do is sign up for the platform. From there, you’ll be receiving the counseling you need in a matter of hours or days.

Signing Up

The first step of your Faithful Counseling journey is signing up through the website. When you register, you’ll be asked to provide some basic information about your situation. This data will help the site’s administrators match you with an appropriate therapist. Since you still haven’t been given a counselor, your paid subscription does not begin at this time. The billing only starts when you actually have a counselor to work with. This honest business practice exemplifies the company’s integrity.

Being Matched With a Therapist

Once you’ve registered with Faithful Counseling, you’ll have to wait for the system to match you with a therapist. This takes a few hours or days, depending on the availability of appropriate marriage counselors within the system. In searching for the perfect therapist, administrators will consider the nature of your marital issues as well as your objectives and stated preferences. While every effort will be made to match you up with the perfect therapist right from the start, you can also make a switch if you’d like to try someone new.

Methods of Communication

Faithful Counseling gives users four different ways of communicating with therapists. Once you’ve been assigned a counselor, you can reach out to them through instant messages, live chat, phone calls, and video conferencing. There are no set procedures or expectations. It’s on you as the client to communicate with your therapist as you see fit. You can talk with them as much or as little as you choose. If you want to schedule weekly video conferences, your counselor will be happy to oblige. If you’d rather just send the occasional instant message, that is also completely okay. You're also welcome to use a combination of these forms. Ultimately, Faithful Counseling gives you the freedom to customize your experience on the platform. Whichever form of communication you prefer, your counselor will accommodate your choice.

The Counseling Process

While traditional, face-to-face counseling occurs in scheduled sessions, Faithful Counseling operates within a much more open framework. You’ll communicate with your therapist, who is an independent contractor rather than a Faithful Counseling employee, at your behest throughout the week. During these conversations, the therapist will lead you through standard counseling practices, always accompanied by the Christian component you’re seeking.

A lot of counseling involves simply talking about delicate issues. Even with a remote format, counseling provides a clinical setting in which both halves of the marriage can share intimate details about their struggles. Fostering an open, honest discussion is often the therapist’s main objective. It’s only once such a dialogue has been established that major breakthroughs can happen.

With both partners sharing important details, the counselor can help you understand what’s behind your marital troubles. The Christian therapist will look for areas where spiritual and emotional well-being could be improved, always happy to bring God into the conversation. Little by little, this holistic approach should improve the strength and ardor of your marriage.

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What Makes Faithful Counseling's Christian Approach So Successful

Marriage counseling is a pivotal process, a step that could change the course of your entire life. In choosing an online provider, you should consider which service will really help you meet your goals. You need a platform that will match you with an exceptional therapist and do everything possible to facilitate a meaningful conversation. This is exactly what Faithful Counseling has been doing for years. When you sign up for a platform with such an effective model, you’re giving your relationship a greater chance of success.

There’s no single trait that sets Faithful Counseling apart from its competitors. In reality, the platform excels across the board. By providing a service with so many evident strengths, the company makes itself the obvious choice for anyone seeking Christian marriage counseling online.

An Understanding of Faith

What truly makes Faithful Counseling stand out from other providers is the religious knowledge of the counselors on the site. While they’re not priests or pastors, they have a detailed understanding of the Bible and the tenets of the Christian faith. This allows them to effectively reference religious themes while leading you through the counseling process.

Experienced, Accredited Counselors

Not only are the therapists on Faith Counseling spiritually informed, but they’re also professionally accredited as licensed counselors. In addition to receiving advanced degrees in psychology and licenses from their states, they’ve also worked for at least three years as professional counselors. This ensures they have the knowledge and experience to help you through your marital struggles. These folks have been around the block, and they’ve seen it all before. Whatever you tell your therapist in your initial conversation, they’ll be able to relate it to past cases they’ve handled. This experience provides them with the wisdom necessary to make sound recommendations.

An Accessible Platform

Faithful’s Counseling’s entire model is designed to make the therapists as accessible as possible. The variety of modes of communication offered ensures that you’ll always be able to talk with your therapist in a way that makes you comfortable. The instant messaging feature allows you to send a message whenever something comes to mind. The telephone and video conferencing options, meanwhile, give you the chance to schedule a more in-depth discussion. Faithful Counseling’s site is also kept up to date with web accessibility standards to ensure disabled users can take advantage of the service.


Marriage counseling on Faithful Counseling costs between $60 and $80 per week. You will be billed via Paypal or a credit card every four weeks, and you can cancel your subscription and halt the payments with the click of a button. This low price is another key advantage Faithful Counseling has over traditional, in-person marriage counseling.

Conclusion: Christian Marriage Counseling With Faithful Counseling

Sharing a life with another person is remarkably beautiful, but it also brings challenges that even the best Christians often struggle to overcome. There’s no need to wallow alone in the despair brought on by marital issues. Christian counseling offers a faith-based means to tackle your conjugal concerns once and for all.

Faithful Counseling prides itself on providing therapists who are spiritually informed, professionally accredited, and readily available. When you join the platform, you’re giving yourself access to the best Christian counselors on the web. Sign up today to begin your journey. Registering for Faithful Counseling is often the first step toward a stronger marriage and a better relationship with God.

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