Marriage consulting – The best consulting for married couples

Maud Geesen
By Maud Geesen
Marriage consulting - The best consulting for married couples

Marriage consulting is a type of psychotherapy that helps couples recognize what their conflicts are and how they can resolve them. The purpose of marriage consulting is not necessarily to keep the couple together. A couple may decide during therapeutic sessions that it would be best for them to end the relationship. Other couples may be able to strengthen their unions, but marriage consulting is not considered to be a failure either way. Sometimes, couples attend therapy sessions together, but it isn’t unheard of for one person to go to marriage consulting sessions alone. This can also have the effect of improving the marriage. Either way, one of the best ways to receive marriage counsulting is to obtain it online.

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Best Online Marriage Consulting - ReGain

Marriage consulting encompasses a wide range of specialties, but ReGain narrows down the specialties to relationship counseling. Relationship counseling helps couples with their fights about money, difficulties communicating, infidelity and issues with sex. A good therapist can help couples get past the troubles that are stopping them from finding common ground and continuing on their journey together. This is exactly what the therapists with ReGain can help you do.

Consulting for Married Couples - How Does It Work?

ReGain provides clients with relationship counseling for married couples. Your therapist will help you sort out the issues you have in your relationship, including the lack of trust, problems with intimacy and the inability to effectively communicate. These are typical relationship problems that your therapist can help you overcome. Don’t worry if you have a unique issue because your experienced therapist will be able to help you address unique issues as well.

You must sign up by taking a questionnaire. The system will ask you if you want individual therapy or couples therapy. After you select couples therapy, you will be taken to the questionnaire so that you can answer several questions. For example, the system will ask you what you wish to achieve in couples counseling. It will also ask you several questions about yourself. These questions will give the system a very thorough picture of your background and your issues. This is necessary for the system to be able to find the most appropriate therapist for you.

You will be notified when the system finds a therapist for you and your loved one. Then, you will have the opportunity to take some time to get to know your therapist. Sometimes, the client doesn’t think that the therapist the system chose will be the right person for them. If this happens to you, you will be free to request another therapist. You will never be forced to work with a therapist you believe isn’t in tune to your needs.

Why Is It the Best?

Locating a marriage therapist and setting up a time to meet can be daunting tasks, but you can easily find an appropriate therapist with ReGain. ReGain hires licensed marriage and family therapists that you can be assured all have either a master’s degree or a doctorate. All therapists have been certified by the professional boards in their states, and they have been practicing their professions for at least three years. With at least 1,000 hours of experience, each therapist is educated and trained to help you overcome the issues you are having in your relationship.

Marriage counseling with ReGain is better than traditional therapy because you do not have to arrive at a therapist’s office that may be across town. You will hold your therapy sessions online, and you can choose to attend over the phone, via live chat or via video. If the anonymity of text messaging appeals to you and your partner, you have this option as well.

At the end of each session, you don’t have to worry about paying a bill. That is because ReGain will charge your account at the end of every week. Your PayPal account or credit card will not be charged until after four weeks have passed, so you may request meetings with your therapist as many times as you like without having to pay a bill right away.

You and your partner may be uncomfortable interacting with a therapist in the same room, but marriage counseling with ReGain eliminates this type of relationship with a therapist. Traditional therapy requires that the three of you meet in the therapist’s office to openly discuss the problems you are having. When you engage in therapy with ReGain, you don’t have to choose an option that would require the therapist to see you during the session. That way, you don’t have to worry about being embarrassed about any of the subjects that you have to introduce. On top of that, your therapy sessions will be much more affordable.

Pricing for Marriage Counseling with ReGain

Each therapy session will cost between $60 and $90. You will only receive a bill after four weeks have passed. If you don’t believe that online therapy is right for you, you are welcome to cancel your subscription.

Best Marriage Consulting for Christians

Best Marriage Consulting for Christians

Faithful Counseling offers you the same type of convenient platform that you can have with ReGain, but this service is different because all of the therapists are practicing Christians. If it is important to you to obtain marriage consulting with a Christian therapist, you will want to give Faithful Counseling a try.

How Does Faithful Counseling Work?

Faithful Counseling is similar to ReGain. You will take a questionnaire in the beginning when you sign up for the platform. Your answers to the questions will allow the algorithm to choose the best therapist for you and your loved one. The therapist will send you a message so that the three of you can set your first appointment. If you find that you and your counselor aren’t exactly right for each other, you may request another therapist. It is that easy!

Pros and Cons

Like with ReGain, Faithful Counseling provides you with a convenient platform for marriage counseling, but the main benefit may be that Faithful Counseling has Christian therapists. Every Christian therapist must sign the Declaration of Faith and pledge to use their faith in their counseling sessions. You can be assured that your religion will be at the forefront of your marriage counseling sessions when you sign up with Faithful Counseling.


Faithful Counseling also charges clients between $60 and $90 per week. These payments are based on your location. You will receive a bill every four weeks. When you are ready to stop attending therapy sessions, you can cancel your subscription.

What Is Pride Counseling for Gay Marriages

What Is Pride Counseling for Gay Marriages?

Gay marriages are similar to heterosexual marriages. In a lot of ways, the experiences are the same in the home, but there is a major difference when you consider the heterosexual culture that gay couples must exist in when they go outside of their homes. In addition to this, traditional gender roles also cause issues within the home.

Society and gender issues are not the only reasons that people in gay marriages may have difficulties. Many people in same-sex marriages do not have the support of their families, the legal system or social entities. People in same-sex marriages may have many of the same issues as heterosexual couples, but they may also have problems that are unique to their situation as a same-sex couple.

The fact is that many people in same-sex marriages may be experiencing mental health disorders, but they aren’t getting the care they need from traditional therapists. This increases the pressure on same-sex couples because traditional therapists do not always know how to address these issues. Pride Counseling gives people in gay marriages a place to find marriage counseling in an accepting and understanding atmosphere.

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How Does Pride Counseling Work for Gay Marriages?

Pride Counseling gives members of the LGBTQ community a chance to take advantage of marriage counseling services in an online atmosphere. The platform also requires you to take a questionnaire so that the system can select a therapist knowledgeable about LGBTQ issues. Then, you can set a date and time to meet your therapist by phone, video or messaging. You can be assured that this will be a private affair.

Pros and Cons of Pride Counseling

Every platform provides you with the opportunity to have marriage counseling in the privacy of an online setting, but Pride Counseling offers you the added bonus of receiving therapy from counselors with experience helping people in the LGBTQ community.

Conclusion: Finding Marriage Counseling for Every Type of Couple

Looking for marriage counseling online is the easiest way to find a therapist for heterosexual or gay couples. With many online platforms, all couples can find the therapy they need that makes obtaining therapy as convenient as it can be. Online therapy is also more affordable than the traditional option, so now is a good time to begin marriage counseling.

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