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Women's empowerment coach

You don’t need to be diagnosed with a mental health condition to work with a therapist or counselor. In fact, many therapists act like coaches. They offer accountability, motivation and validation. They can help you shift your perspective or come up with solutions to your problems.

If you’re struggling in any areas of your life, you might benefit from working with a women’s empowerment coach.

A women’s empowerment coach can help you uncover the obstacles that are holding you back in life. With that awareness, the therapist will work with you to come up with creative solutions and goals. This type of professional can also support you as you take the steps toward achieving those objectives.

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BetterHelp – Best Female Empowerment Online Life Coaching

BetterHelp is one of the best options for female empowerment life coaching. This web-based platform is accessible via any computer or mobile device. It allows you to work with a licensed counselor or coach via telehealth and messaging sessions.

BetterHelp differs from traditional therapy in that its professionals don’t diagnose or write prescriptions. They do offer a variety of techniques to help you:
• Get out of a rut
• Set and achieve goals
• Boost your confidence levels
• Reveal the barriers to your goals
• Maintain motivation
• Optimize your time
• Enhance your relationship with yourself and others

You don’t have to be a businessperson or entrepreneur to take advantage of female empowerment coaching. Anyone who feels dissatisfied with their life can benefit from coaching to develop a sense of peace, confidence, accomplishment and fulfillment.

With BetterHelp, you can transition from surviving to thriving.

BetterHelp Female Empowerment Coach Profiles

BetterHelp Female Empowerment Coach Profiles

All of the professionals that BetterHelp hosts are licensed and have at least three years of experience. Each counselor has specific strengths. The following profiles give you an example of what you might find when you’re seeking a female empowerment coach on BetterHelp.

Georgia Bryce

Georgia Bryce offers marriage and family counseling and coaching. She has more than six years of experience in this specialty.

Some of the categories that Georgia concentrates on include:
• Christian-based counseling
• Non-religious counseling
• Addiction issues
• Self-esteem concerns
• Grief counseling
• Life skills development

Georgia uses client-centered therapy, which means that you’re in charge of each session’s topic. As you open up about your concerns, Georgia will act as a guide.

She also combines cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, narrative therapy, motivational interviewing and psychodynamic therapy to bring about the desired results with her clients. These evidence-based methodologies can be customized to each client’s needs.

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Beth Worek

Beth Worek has been working with women’s issues for more than 10 years. She specializes in marriage counseling, family therapy and life coaching. Therefore, she can help female clients through many stages of their lives.

Some of the themes that Beth addresses in her work include postpartum depression, anxiety, parenting concerns, interpersonal relationships and emotional abuse. When it comes to life coaching, Beth assists clients with raising awareness about their mental health needs and practicing mindfulness to shift their mindset. Once you are attentive to your limiting beliefs and actions, you can work toward creating a life that helps you thrive.

Beth uses several clinical approaches to therapy and coaching, including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and mindfulness therapy. These methods complement each other and help women assess behavioral and thought patterns that don’t serve them.

Cinnamon Key

Cinnamon Key has a life coaching certification, which allows her to help women cultivate a fulfilling, nourishing life. Several issues can hinder your goals.

For example, if you’re struggling with depression or anxiety, you may not have the motivation to achieve your objectives. Clients who are dealing with parental or relationship problems may not feel like they have the time to devote to their own self-care.

As you go through life coaching with Cinnamon, she will help you pinpoint the issues that may be holding you back. Cinnamon has been working with women for more than six years and is a clinical social worker. She uses a solution-based approach to help women cope with problems and overcome the obstacles that stand in their way.

What Is BetterHelp and How Does It Work?

BetterHelp is an online counseling platform that gives clients access to thousands of licensed therapists. As long as they have access to the internet, clients can take part in sessions from any location. Once you subscribe, you are paired with a counselor. You can schedule a live phone, video or messaging session with our therapist once a week.

In addition to those scheduled sessions, you can send messages to your counselor 24/7. The therapist has 24 hours to respond to those messages. With this setup, you can stay in touch with your counselor throughout the week, which can help when the stress piles up. It also allows you to develop a relationship with your mental health professional more quickly than in a traditional therapy setting.

You can check it out or get started by visiting the BetterHelp website. The first step is to answer a brief questionnaire about your concerns and preferences. Using your responses, the service will pair you with a therapist who fits your needs.

Some of the questions on the survey relate to your counselor preferences, such as gender, sexual orientation, age, language and religious affiliation. You can also address the issues that you’d like to work on. A therapist with experience in those issues will be matched with you.

After BetterHelp assigns you a counselor, you can begin messaging with them. You’ll have access to a secure, private chat room after you log in. This is where you’ll hold your messaging conversations with the counselor. You’ll receive a notification when the therapist responds to your messages. All of these conversations are saved so that you can refer to them later.

You can also use the calendar to schedule live sessions. These sessions are also conducted through the BetterHelp portal. Your therapist will never receive your personal contact information, and you don’t have to share any details that you don’t want to give out.

What Makes BetterHelp Life Coaching for Women Ideal

What Makes BetterHelp Life Coaching for Women Ideal?

Two of the notable features of BetterHelp are its convenience and accessibility. It’s not easy for many women to find time for counseling within their busy lives. If they do seek out a local therapist, they could spend a few weeks dealing with intake and assessment procedures before they get help.

With BetterHelp, clients are paired with a counselor within a few hours or a couple of days. Moreover, BetterHelp hosts thousands of therapists. Therefore, clients are more likely to match with a therapist that has all of the qualities that they’re seeking. If you’re not happy with your therapist, you can request a different one through the platform.

Each BetterHelp counselor has a profile page that specifies their experience and qualifications. You can also read reviews that other clients have left about each counselor.

All of the coaches on BetterHelp are licensed and accredited. You can read through their profiles to learn more about their specializations and experience. Therapy is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Through BetterHelp, you can find a counselor with the specific qualifications to help you manage your issues and flourish.

Many women are most comfortable working with another female. In many cases, it helps to know that your counselor has been through some of the same issues that you struggle with. With so many options to choose from, you’re likely to find an appropriate therapist quickly and get started within hours or days.


The pricing structure for BetterHelp is straightforward and makes the platform an affordable life coaching option for many women. The subscription costs between $60 and $90 per week. The exact price will depend on your demographic factors. The service bills clients monthly.

This flat fee allows you to schedule live sessions with the therapist once a week. It also gives you unlimited text messaging with your therapist, which is not something that most traditional practices offer.

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How Can a Women’s Empowerment Coach Help You?

You don’t need a mental health diagnosis to work with a therapist. Counselors can help anyone modify their mindset and lifestyle to overcome hurdles and reach their goals.

If you’re not living the life that you want, a women’s empowerment coach can help. You don’t have to have lofty goals or major problems to benefit from working with a coach. Because life is an ongoing journey, almost everyone could benefit from continual self-reflection and improvement.

Maybe you aren’t as satisfied with your role in the family as you thought you might be. Perhaps your relationship with your significant other is rocky. Many women struggle with confidence, career paths, interpersonal relationships and emotional issues.

A women’s empowerment coach helps you uncover what’s important to help you thrive. This type of professional gives you time to explore yourself unapologetically. As you get to know yourself and your coach learns more about you, you’ll work together to develop strategies for improving your life and meeting your goals.

When you work with a women’s empowerment coach, you’ll become more in tune with yourself and your needs. The aim is to help you navigate change and cope with stress in a constructive way. You’ll also define what you want and create a strategy to help you get it.

Final Thoughts

What would your life be like if you were empowered, confident, motivated and intentional? Whether you’re seeking your way out of a difficult time or simply trying to build and maintain a satisfying life, BetterHelp can help you set up a strong foundation. Become better at identifying what’s holding you back so that you can move forward on a path that leads you exactly where you want to be.



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