Therapy for moms. Best mother therapy and counseling for new moms

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Best mother therapy and counseling for new moms

Motherhood is a full-time job, and it’s not always easy. Whether you’re a new mom or have been in the game for years, you probably know how stressful the role can be. Providing moral and spiritual guidance to children is challenging enough, and the constant slew of organizational and logistical tasks only makes the process even harder.

Sometimes, mothers spend so much time worrying about their children that they fail to take their own needs into account. Therapy is a great option for current or future mothers who need to focus on themselves. Trained counselors understand the struggles that mothers go through. Many of them have even overcome those same challenges in their personal lives. Such experienced counselors can help you recognize what’s causing stress and work toward lasting solutions.

Almost by definition, mothers rarely have much free time in their schedules. Remote counseling gives you the chance to access therapy without having to attend in-person sessions. Indeed, the remote model almost seems like it was designed with mothers in mind. If you’re up for mother therapy with a professional counselor, you should consider registering for an online subscriptions service. BetterHelp is a great overall option, while Faithful Counseling offers therapy with a Christian bent. Whichever service you choose, you can expect online counseling to make motherhood a less stressful, more enjoyable experience.

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Best online service for mother therapy

Best online service for mother therapy: BetterHelp

With its excellent platform and trained therapists, BetterHelp is the best service for receiving mother therapy online. The system is designed to make the counseling process as effective and convenient as possible. You’ll be able to contact your therapist in a variety of ways, and you’ll have the freedom to communicate as often or as rarely as you'd like. With an online provider like BetterHelp, it’s easier than ever to fit counseling into a hectic schedule. By logging on when you have the chance and using the platform’s flexibility to your advantage, you’ll be able to maximize the benefits of counseling without burdening yourself with additional obligations.

How to use BetterHelp for mother therapy

Convenience is one of the main benefits of receiving mother therapy through BetterHelp. Instead of scheduling appointments and traveling to in-person sessions, all you’ll have to do is register for the platform and communicate remotely with your therapist. Your personal counselor will listen to your account of your situation and give you recommendations for feeling better, all without requiring you to even leave your home. Sign up for the platform today to take advantage of BetterHelp’s exceptional online service.

Signing up

The first step in joining BetterHelp is to register on the platform. You’ll provide the company with some basic information about your situation so that they can find you the perfect therapist. This is where you’ll mention that you’re seeking counseling specifically for assistance with motherhood. Once BetterHelp has found a therapist, a process that takes hours or days depending on the circumstances, you’ll be able to start your therapy. Only at this point will your paid subscription begin.

Communicating with your therapist

BetterHelp gives clients four ways to communicate with therapists. You can send them private messages, conduct live chats, schedule phone calls, and plan video conferences. Which of these methods you use is completely up to you. You can stick to one method exclusively or mix and match. This versatility is what gives you the freedom to seek therapy on your own terms.

Working through difficult issues

Once you’re in regular contact with your therapist, you can start talking about the issues you’re facing as a mother. The first few conversations will allow you to share your experiences and feelings. As the counselor gains a fuller understanding of the situation, they’ll begin to understand potential root causes for your distress. Eventually, they’ll be able to offer some recommendations for dealing with stress points and becoming a happier, healthier mother.

What makes BetterHelp the best mother therapy provider

There are countless online therapy providers on the web, and many of them offer counseling for mothers. What makes BetterHelp stand out from the rest is the easy, consistent access to experienced therapists. With BetterHelp, there’s no need to make appointments or plan weeks in advance since the counselors make a point of being readily available. There’s also no need to worry about the quality of your therapist. All the counselors on the platform are fully trained, professionally licensed, and highly experienced. No other service will give you such easy access to therapists of this caliber.

BetterHelp pricing

Moms can receive high-quality therapy from BetterHelp for only $60-$90 per week. BetterHelp is a subscription service, meaning you’ll pay by the week no matter how much you use the platform. This pricing format allows you to make the most of your time in therapy.

A christian alternative for moms

A christian alternative for moms: Faithful counseling

Faithful Counseling, an online therapy provider with a Christian focus, is another fantastic option for anyone whose faith informs their concept of motherhood. The therapists on the platform combine their counseling credentials with an in-depth knowledge of the Christain faith. This allows them to bring God and the Bible into the discussion.

How faithful counseling works

Faithful Counseling’s model is very similar to that employed by BetterHelp. After registering for the platform, users receive a personal therapist who will work with them as long as they maintain a subscription. Clients can reach out to their clients through the same virtual modes of communication: live chats, instant messages, phone calls, and video conferences.

Where Faithful Counseling sets itself apart from other services is in the religious background of the therapists. All counselors are practicing Christians, and their religious knowledge gives them a unique ability to discuss motherhood in a way that’s simultaneously scientific and spiritual. Conversations on Faithful Counseling are as likely to cite the gospels as the latest clinical studies. This melding of spiritual assistance with traditional counseling is what many Christian mothers need to sort themselves out and become better versions of themselves. If you think such a service is right for you, sign up for the platform today.

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Faithful Counseling provides many of the same logistical advantages as BetterHelp and similar online counseling services. As a client, you’ll have access to your therapist throughout the week. You can base your interactions around your own schedule, habits, and preferences. The subscription model also allows you to cancel your service whenever you choose, meaning you’ll never have to pay for counseling that you no longer need.

The platform’s Christian focus carries its own set of unique advantages. If faith is a major part of your life, then it’s also likely to have a significant impact on your ideas of motherhood. The Bible has likely been a lifelong guide, and you’ll want its lessons to permeate your conversations with your therapist. Counseling is only effective if it touches the client’s heart and soul. If your heart and soul are entirely Christian, then it makes sense to use a counseling service that will take this component of your identity into account.

Communication is at the center of any counseling experience. You and your therapist need to understand each other clearly. It might be hard for a person of faith to discuss motherhood with a secular counselor who has no idea what a religious perspective feels like. When you’re working with the Christian therapists from Faithful Counseling, you’ll always come from a place of mutual understanding. This shared perspective will give you the vocabulary and trust you need to construct a meaningful conversation.


While most busy moms appreciate the convenience and flexibility of remote counseling, some still prefer the intimacy of in-person sessions. If you’re the type of person who really benefits from the connection fostered by eye contact or the warmth of human touch, then online counseling might not be the best option for you.

It’s also important to remember that the Christian focus of Faithful Counseling is meant for a certain type of person. If you’re not a practicing Christian or if faith is only a minor part of your life, then Faithful Counseling probably isn’t the platform for you.

A counseling service is also not the best option for someone seeking advice that’s primarily spiritual in nature. The therapists on Faithful Counseling are practicing Christians with considerable spiritual knowledge, but they’re not pastors or priests.

Faithful counseling prices

A subscription to Faithful Counseling costs just $60-$90 per week. In exchange for your weekly charge, you’ll receive all the help you need from the platform’s acclaimed, accredited therapists.

Conclusion: Online counseling to help with motherhood

Raising children is one of the most remarkable things most people do in their lives. While you doubtlessly recognize the magic in being a mother to your kids, you might also feel sad, angry, or simply overwhelmed. When the burdens of motherhood become too much to bear, professional counseling is there to lend a hand. BetterHelp and Faithful Counseling provide experienced therapists who understand the inherent challenges of motherhood. Signing up for these services isn’t an admission of failure but a reflection of your desire to be the best mother you can be. Register today to see if online mother therapy is right for you.

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