Individual therapy for relationship issues. Marriage – Couples counseling

Maud Geesen
By Maud Geesen
Individual therapy for relationship issues. Marriage - Couples counseling

Relationships give our lives purpose and meaning, but they can also cause stress and unease. No relationship is perfect, and there’s always a bit of bad that goes along with the good. Sometimes, however, the negative side of a romantic partnership can start to overshadow the benefits. When this happens, you need to take decisive action to make the relationship work for you again.

While many couples choose to undergo counseling together, there’s no reason you can’t begin the process alone. Sometimes, one half of a relationship is eager for therapy while the other half remains hesitant. When this happens, the one interested party can still benefit from participating in therapy alone. For busy folks who lack the time for in-person therapy, online counseling is the perfect solution.

Before you start speaking with a counselor, you’ll have to decide which online provider is right for you. ReGain, an established service with a team of experienced counselors, is the best overall option for individual relationship counseling. Faithful Counseling, meanwhile, offers a faith-based approach for practicing Christians. Pride Counseling is designed to meet the needs of the LGBT community. Whichever service you choose, you’ll be sure to receive the type of high-quality counseling that can make a serious difference in your relationship.

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Premier individual relationship counseling : ReGain

When it comes to online individual relationship counseling, ReGain is the best platform on the market. The service employs experienced, licensed therapists who can help you get the best out of your relationship. It also provides users with regular access to the assistance they need. All of this makes ReGain the best option for relationship counseling online.

Why to choose ReGain for individual counseling

When it comes to choosing an online counseling service, there are two factors to consider: the quality of the counselors and the format of the platform. ReGain excels in both of these areas, making it by far the best choice for anyone interested in online counseling.

ReGain’s counselors are experienced professionals who have undergone years of education and training. They all have post-graduate degrees in psychology or a related field, and they’ve earned their state licenses by completing hundreds of hours of practical training. All of this means they have the talent and experience to help you improve your relationship.

ReGain’s format, meanwhile, is perfect for busy clients who still want to have meaningful conversations with a therapist. The platform is specially designed to give patients regular access to their therapists. You can use the site with whatever frequency you deem necessary for the specific details of your case. Whether you prefer short, daily conversations with a therapist or one lengthy dialogue every week, ReGain allows you to personalize your experience. This flexibility makes it more likely your relationship will improve as a result of the counseling.

How the platform works

From start to finish, ReGain’s system is designed to make online relationship counseling as convenient and effective as possible. The subscription model means that you’ll by the week, not by individual session. This is what allows for the platform’s trademark flexibility.

Once you’ve signed up for the platform, you’ll receive a personal therapist and access to a private chat room. You’ll have access to this online space as long as your subscription continues. You can enter the chat room to read old messages or send new ones at any time. Even if your therapist isn’t available to answer immediately, you can count on a timely, professional response.

For individual counseling, you’ll be alone with your counselor in the chat room. If you decide to engage in couples therapy along with your partner, you’ll both join the counselor in the chat. This format is designed to enhance communication. The conversations held in the chatroom will allow you to identify what’s holding your relationship back and develop possible solutions.

ReGain’s flexibility means that every client has a unique experience on the site. Sign up for the platform today to see what ReGain can do for you.

Pricing for individual counseling with ReGain

You pay for online counseling from ReGain on a subscription basis. Prices range from $60 to $90 per week. You will be billed every four weeks as long as your subscription lasts, and you can with Paypal or a credit card.

Top christian therapy Faithful counseling

Top christian therapy : Faithful counseling

If you’re a practicing Christian who wants faith to be a part of the counseling process, then Faithful Counseling is the service for you. The counselors are all familiar with the Bible and the tenets of the Christian faith. This allows your discussions to take place within a religious framework.

Every romantic partnership differs according to the circumstances surrounding it. When the counselor has experience working with people whose beliefs are similar to your own, you can count on receiving sounder, more nuanced recommendations.


For one thing, the counselors from Faithful Counseling understand the lessons from scripture that inform a Christian’s life. They’ll be able to draw from a shared Biblical tradition to make points and offer recommendations. If the Bible is a major force for good in your life, then there’s no reason it shouldn’t provide the basis of your relationship counseling.

Working with Christian counselors will also ensure that the conversations make use of a shared vocabulary. There are religious ideas and concepts that represent the pillars of a Christian’s life. While a secular counselor might struggle to talk about these issues, the therapists at Faithful Counseling will understand them completely.


While Christian counseling is a great option for many people of faith, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider. If, for example, you have highly unorthodox beliefs, then it might be difficult to reach a shared understanding with Christian counselors.

Christian counseling also calls for you to discuss your faith openly in a clinical context. If you prefer to have these types of conversations in a religious setting, then Christian counseling might not be for you.


A subscription with Faithful Counseling will cost you between $60 and $90 a week. The specific cost depends on your location and therapist. This affordable price is another reason why Faithful Counseling is the best Christian counseling service on the web.

Top individual counseling for the LGBT community Pride counseling

Top individual counseling for the LGBT community: Pride counseling

Pride Counseling is the best online counseling service geared specifically toward the LGBT community. Individual counseling from an LGBT perspective can help you get your relationship back on track. By discussing your issue with a therapist, you’ll be able to get to the root of the problem.

Drawing on years or decades of experience, the therapists at Pride Counseling will be able to recommend strategies for making your relationship stronger. Not only are they accredited therapists, but they also have training and experience with the LGBT community. They're accepting of everyone, and they understand the unique challenges of maintaining a relationship under the strain of discrimination. This puts them in the perfect position to help you improve your relationship.

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With experienced counselors familiar with the dynamics of your community, you won’t have to do too much explaining. You’ll be able to start the dialogue from a place of shared understanding. This will make the counseling process more effective and efficient.

The clinical context that therapy provides can make it easier to talk about difficult subjects. Once you’re able to openly discuss the problems in your relationship, you’ll have an easier time looking for solutions. The fact that the therapists at Pride Counseling are trained to work with the LGBT community will only make this process even easier.

Individual sessions with a therapist can help you learn more about your connection to the relationship. You’ll be able to analyze what you're contributing to the partnership and what you’re expecting to get out of it. Many issues stem from a disconnect in these pivotal areas. The therapists at Pride Counseling can help you see where you could stand to do more work yourself or ask for more from your partner. While counselors can't solve your problems for you, they can certainly put you on the right track.


You might feel that your identity is more complicated than your group-based identity suggests. In that case, counseling that is explicitly designed for the LGBT community might be too specific for your needs. A more general type of relationship counseling might be better for parsing out the unique characteristics of your case.

Another issue with individual counseling is the absence of your partner. Sometimes, this lack of participation can make it difficult to find lasting solutions. You can rectify this problem by bringing your partner into the fold.


Pride Counseling offers online LGBT relationship counseling for just $60-$90 per week. This affordable pricing puts effective counseling within reach of more people.

Conclusion: Choosing an individual relationship counseling platform

Making a relationship work for both parties requires a lot of hard work. You can do your part by signing up for individual relationship counseling. With professional counselors and an effective platform, ReGain sets itself apart from other online providers. Faithful Counseling is ideal for Christian-based therapy, while Pride Counseling is the best option for members of the LGBT community. To build a better relationship for yourself and your partner, get started on one of these platforms today.

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