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The best relationship therapist for singles online.

While being single has plenty of perks, it’s not much fun when you’d prefer to be in a relationship. Sometimes, a series of failed romances can leave you with frustrated ambitions and a lack of self-esteem. While dating is as much about instinct as anything else, there are certainly ways to improve your game. Relationship counseling is one great option for giving yourself a boost in your romantic endeavors.

It might seem counterintuitive to pursue relationship counseling when you’re not actually in a relationship, but this is a case where it makes sense to focus on your objectives rather than your current circumstances. If you’d like to be in a relationship, then it pays to understand how you can become a better romantic partner. A relationship counselor can empathize with your perpetual singlehood and give you ideas for increasing your romantic prospects.

In the internet era, relationship counseling is more accessible than ever before. Online services like ReGain, Faithful Counseling, and Pride Counseling can connect you with a remote therapist who’s perfect for your particular case. You can use the communication technology within these platforms to engage with your therapist and resolve long-standing issues. With a remote therapist guiding you toward better dating strategies, you’ll be well on your way toward securing the lasting romantic partnership you’ve always dreamed of.

ReGain: The best online option for relationship counseling

When it comes to virtual relationship counseling, ReGain is the best option on the web. The platform successfully brings traditional counseling methods into the digital sphere. Not only do the virtual chat rooms on ReGain recreate the therapists’ offices of the physical world, but they also bring an additional level of convenience to the counseling process.

You’ll be able to communicate with your personal therapist at whatever time of day suits your needs. Instead of having to work physical meetings into a busy schedule, you’ll be able to send messages whenever free time presents itself throughout the week. This is the perfect way to receive relationship counseling in the 21st century.

How does ReGain work?

ReGain offers clients professional counseling through an online portal. The service is available by subscription, meaning you pay on a weekly basis with no added costs for heavy use. The remote model is designed to simultaneously maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

The first step for using ReGain is to sign up for the platform. At this point, you’ll provide the system with some general background information relating to your goals and expectations. ReGain offers a wide variety of counseling services, so you’ll have to specify that you’re a single person in search of relationship counseling for dating.

Once you’ve received a therapist, you’ll gain access to the private chat room that will serve as the counselor’s office for the duration of your time on the site. This is the point at which your paid subscription officially begins. As long as you maintain your subscription, you’ll use this chat room to exchange written messages with your therapist. You can send and read messages whenever you’d like, and the therapist will respond as quickly as they can. This method allows for the development of a steady, productive dialogue.

Your counselor will use this digital space to get you talking about your dating-related concerns. As you explain what’s holding your love life back, they’ll provide you with tasks or strategies to try out in your personal life. If these techniques prove successful, you’ll have taken what you needed from the counseling process.

What makes ReGain the best

What makes ReGain the best

Multiple factors make ReGain the best choice for relationship counseling. For one thing, the service only offers therapists of the highest quality. All of the individual contractors on the platform are fully licensed in their states. This credential means that they studied psychology extensively before completing a certain number of practical training hours in the field. ReGain’s vetting procedures ensure that all their therapists meet this essential criterion.

ReGain’s model also provides the convenience and accessibility that modern users crave. Instead of having to cancel plans or take time off work to meet with a therapist in person, you can log onto the platform and participate in the chat room whenever you have time. Not only does this take the stress out of receiving therapy, but it can also have clinical benefits. Rather than having to wait for an in-person session to tell about your recent experience on a date, you can give your account of the event while it’s still fresh in your mind. This immediacy can help you and your counselor maintain a more productive conversation.


A subscription to ReGain will cost you between $60 and $90 each week. This relatively low price is another major benefit of online counseling. Traditional therapists typically charge much more for in-person sessions, and a weekly subscription to ReGain is definitely better value.

Faithful counseling: The best christian counseling

For relationship counseling with a Christian focus, consider signing up for Faithful Counseling. The service itself is similar to that provided by ReGain, but the counselors understand how faith impacts the life decisions of a practicing Christian. If God and the Bible are important forces in your life, they’re bound to have an impact on your dating techniques. The therapists from Faithful Counseling understand how to reinforce their clinical suggestions with ideas from scripture and the tenets of the Christian faith.

How does singles counseling for christians work?

Faithful Counseling offers relationship counseling that’s similar to general, secular therapy, but the therapists bring an in-depth knowledge of Christianity to the conversation. By being spiritually informed, clinically competent, and readily available, the platform’s counselors maximize the potential benefits of therapy for a practicing Christian.

Like ReGain, Faithful Counseling operates on a subscription basis. Not only will paying for the service allow you to exchange messages with your assigned therapist, but you can also schedule phone calls and video conferences. These more personal forms of communication will allow you to really connect with your therapist and indulge in a meaningful conversation about religion, morality, and the challenges of modern dating. If you think Faithful Counseling is the right service for you, sign up for the platform today.

Faithful counseling pros and cons

The main benefit of Faithful Counseling is the spiritual knowledge of the therapists. While a secular-minded counselor might not grasp how Christianity affects your relationships, the contractors on Faithful Counseling can easily bring spirituality into the conversation. Combining this expertise with the convenience of an online model makes the platform ideal for busy Christians who are tired of being single.

While the therapists on Faithful Counseling are knowledgeable about religious matters and practicing Christians themselves, it’s important to remember that they’re not pastors or priests. If you’re looking for instruction that’s primarily spiritual in nature, you might be better off going through more traditional channels.


Faithful Counseling charges $60-$90 per week for its paid subscriptions. Considering the expertise of the counselors and the comprehensive nature of the service, this is an extremely fair price.

Singles counseling for LGBT

Pride counseling: Singles counseling for LGBT

Members of the LGBT community often benefit from the type of customized dating therapy that Pride Counseling provides. With an online model almost identical to Faithful Counseling’s, this LGBT-friendly service offers informed, empathetic therapists in a remarkably convenient package. You can communicate with your therapist, who will be trained and experienced regarding traditional LGBT-related concerns, through messages, live chats, phone calls, and video conferences. Your weekly subscription service, meanwhile, will allow you to stay on the site as long as you see fit. If this sounds like the right relationship counseling provider for you, sign up for the platform and get started today.

Pride counseling pros and cons

Many members of the LGBT community benefit from counseling that’s specifically geared toward their unique needs and experiences. While any counselor is likely to be kind and empathetic, a therapist trained in LGBT matters will have an easier time understanding exactly where you’re coming from. Access to a shared vocabulary will also make the counseling process more productive.

While Pride Counseling is the best online option for LGBT-friendly relationship counseling, some clients prefer the additional intimacy of in-person sessions. If regular eye contact and warm personal greetings are important to your communication style, it’s probably best to pursue traditional therapy.


Pride Counseling charges $60-$90 per week for online counseling. The subscription includes all the aforementioned modes of communication, including phone calls and video conferences. Receiving a comprehensive and specialized service at such a low price constitutes an almost unbelievable bargain.

Conclusion: Relationship therapy when you’re single

It’s tough to be single when you’d rather be in a loving relationship. If you find yourself in this unenviable position, try to do something about it rather than putting your head down to sulk. Relationship counseling is a great way to learn effective strategies for making your dating life more productive. Whether you opt for the general counseling at ReGain, the Christian approach at Faithful Counseling, or the LGTB-affirming service at Pride Counseling, you can count on holding meaningful conversations and receiving excellent advice, all on a schedule that suits your needs. To start building toward the relationship of your dreams, sign up for one of these platforms today.

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